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**Patriots** - Bill belichick - Roger Goodell - I smell a "Cover Up"


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Why else would Roger Goodell take a 1st round draft pick away from the Patriots but at the same time, destroy the same evidence that each and every fan of the NFL deserves to see?

To me it's not right, I smell a cover up... And no, it's not for BB and the Patriots, it's for the NFL. I would bet my bottom dollar that those tapes had ALOT more than the public was led to believe, why else would he DESTROY the only evidence that justifies the punishment?

The fans of the NFL pay for parking, tickets, NFL season package, jerseys, hats, the whole 9... And to hide evidence from the FANS who make the sport is just wrong in my eyes, maybe im the only one who feels like this.

Maybe it was so bad that Goodell didnt wanna answer questions each and every day on how something like this could happen in HIS SPORT since before the Rams SB... Maybe he wanted to Cover it up, take a 1st round draft pick away, and move on with no further questions. F That, he should have taken both 1st round picks away, suspended BB for 1 year and maybe even hit him with a "Pete Rose"

Cheating is cheating.

Look at Steroids in baseball, it's cheating but at the same time, Steroids doesnt tell a hitter when a curve ball is coming and exactly where its going to break in location.

It was a cover up in my eyes and I hope Congress plays the hand of Godell so we can all know the truth about the sport we have loved for years. I will always love the Jets but at the same time, the NFL needs to do what baseball is doing, and get to the bottom of cheating, beause cheaters never win, they only help others lose.

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