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Article: Chad changes his throwing mechanics. Will now throw the ball with extra zip.


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Can you tell us how you know either, or both of these statements are true?



True Confessions?

Otherwise, it is just more ignorant blather.

How about you tell me of a QB in the NFL that actually has a weaker arm than Chad. In fact, name me one that EVER had a weaker arm than Chad.

As for being able to significantly improve arm strength, if there was some magic exercise that could do so don't you think we'd be seeing 200 mph fastballs in baseball right now, given the steroids era? How come pitching velocity has not changed one ounce in MLB over time? You are blessed or cursed with the total velocity you can throw an object. Sure, perfect mechanics will help, but with Chad we're not talking about a guy who doesn't already have pretty darn good mechanics. You have some delusional notion that Chad is suddenly going to have a significant improvement in arm strength so you can relive the glory day of the 8 good games he played in 2002. That Chad hasn't showed up again since 2002, and he sure as hell ain't coming back now.

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I wouldn't know because I haven't watched that many Chargers games but I know one thing for sure

Chad Pennington isn't going to take us to the Superbowl

Sorry buddy, but your time is up

I agree about Chad not taking us to the super bowl. I don't think Rivers arm is worse than Chads, but it's not good and it was more of a joke.

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Up until what? Three years ago? Joe Willie was plastered at every single Jets game "praising" Pennington. He's a Jets homer, of course he's going to praise Pennington. The facts are he has the weakest arm in the NFL and if you watched other games or listened to commentators and "NFL experts" you would hear this routinely. His arm is shot and cannot make the throws that lead teams to championships.

Pennington's thing that always helped off-set his arm strength somewhat were his smarts on the field. In 2007, those smarts disappeared and they don't disappear because of a freakin' sprained ankle. He played like ****, forcing balls that people outside of Chad Pennington knew he couldn't make.

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