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Danny Ware Made The Giants


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But I thought he 'should have stayed with the Jets' like you told us over and over.

Yeah, all he's got with The Giants is a SB ring and a place on the team. Terrible desicion.


well we will see if he is active

then it's a good choise

but inactive should of stayed with the jets

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He played well for us in preseason last year, so I was surprised he was put on the practice squad myself instead of making the active roster.

In an interview last year, Ware said that he is still sore that Adrian Peterson got all the attention in college and Ware barely got noticed, even though they both arrived on the college scene at the same time.

In his heart, Ware believes he and Peterson are about equal talent wise. I don't see him having Peterson's breakaway speed, but it is nice to know that Ware has a fire burning to prove something.

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