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My ideal coaching staff for next year..


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Head Coach-The Offensive Line coach on the Atlanta Falcons who produced a good OL with 5th to 7th round picks(said on MNF)

OC-Paul Hackett/Ron Borges- Get Hackett's system, and Borges play calling.. what a dyamic duo

DC-Defenisve Coordinater on Alabama Crismon Tide

You know what's amazing? Every time I think you can't post anything more stupid, you prove me wrong!

Alex Gibbs as head coach? The same Alex Gibbs who wants to be a line coach and a line coach only?

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did you just say hackett?

youve gotta be kidding me

It would be like the Jets if they brought him back though. It would be just like when Hess brought back Kotite after his first failed stint. One of the major critisisms of the Jets under Walton was that the offense was too complicated. So you bring back that coordinator as a HC? Typical Jets.

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