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Rx for the Jets


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Fire the Head Coach.

Fire the General Manager.

Fire all of the Assistant Coaches, Strength Coach, Equipment Manager, and secretaries in Woody's office.

Fire the flag boys.

Fire all 53 of the players... and the practice squad players.

Replace them all with street free agents, draft picks and Jim Fassel.

then they will be AWESOME!!!

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Bit, what do YOU suggest we do?


Pretend this season never happened and wait for QB who wasn't that great to begin with to come back after two shoulder surgeries and lead us to greatness?

Return next year with a 33 year old running back who probably can't get under a 5 flat in the 40 yard dash?

Brrng back Herm who still can't manage the clock? Still can't learn how to play agressive?

He's been here 5 years. We are no closer than 5 years ago. At this point, we're further away. What right now si Herm bringing to the table?

As for Bradway, he's had two HORRENDOUS offseasons. Good GM's lock up talent why theyre young. Bad ones lock up talent after their 29th birthday. Losing Mckenzie hurt, it hurt alot.

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After the season we are having and regressing in the talent and record we should not think about changes?

You can not blame this season on just injuries as much as some would like- Bradway and Edwards as the GM and coach have to take the responsibility for this

As a manager I am responsible for the people in my department to get the most out of them -with reduced staffing and more work all the time-

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