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Mad Money with Jim Cramer

The Gun Of Bavaria

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Guy is a complete douche.

Just pumps his own stocks, gets people to buy crappy stocks just cuz he says so. He and his cronies make a lot of $$$ off people who buy up his names.

Caveat emptor.

I don't know about that. One always needs to be careful when buying stuff, but i have listened to him on the radio weekly (Thurs. P.M.) and did my due diligence on some of his picks that sounded OK.

He knows his stuff. He has some nice ideas, but you need to research them throughly.

I have purchased some of his recommendations over the years, and they have, for the most part, been rewarding.

P.S. I am not a big winner in the Market, but I do follow what is going on, and I do have investments there. I also avoid penny stocks like the plague.

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