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High ankle sprains - what do you know?


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Hi All,

I am Jetnation's official 'worry-wart'.

Mangold is beginning to practice, but I don't know enough about this injury to feel good about it. I welcome your opinions.

-What does the 'high' in high-ankle-sprain mean? All I know is rolling one's ankle like you'd do playing basketball. Same thing?

-The announcers say he's only limited by pain tolerance. True? No risk of re-injury or making it worse?

-I know this is risky, but I'll ask it: Are we better off letting the Pats hose us one week and giving Mangold another week to get healthy? I can see some value in the Pats not seeing our best this early in the season, and the rest of our division games don't worry me much. (Bills maybe but not if Mangold's back by then)

I feel like I'd rather have 12 weeks at 100% than start him too early, slow his recovery, and get

13 weeks at 70% for it. (sorry if my 12/13 math is off, I don't have time to check the schedule for the actual numbers)

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I get where you are coming from, but its a mistake to assume any player is ever at 100% thoughout the season.

There is risk he can make it worse, but I'm not sure how substantial that risk is. Then again, he could break his arm too... who knows. Playing afraid to get hurt is usually how you get hurt... I say let him go smash Wilfat's face in and see what happens.

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I think the difference for a player is being injured or being hurt. Most professional sports and more so in football most players are hurt somewhere on their bodies and can play through it.

According to what i have heard that The High Ankle Sprain is something that can take somewhere between 5 days to 6 months to heal to a point where the pain can be dull enough to proceed with normal life. Severe one require ligament repair surgery. Even after a player or person is able to get around their normal business the pain may remain (so it may never be 100 % ever). And most people impacted by it get used to the dull pain after a period of time.

In non surgery injuries the time frame is reduced and is usually 4-8 weeks.

For professional athletes because most have higher pain threshold that time frame is still further reduced. So Mangolds time frame of return considering he had no surgery sounds somewhere in the ball park.

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Rex Ryan expects Nick Mangold to play against New England

Jets center Nick Mangold is among the injured players coach Rex Ryan expects to play Sunday afternoon against New England according to Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Mangold has missed the past two games with a high ankle sprain and was limited today in practice but said he only missed "a handful" of reps during the session.

"He's a great player, but also he's got a great grasp of our system," Ryan said. "There's a great comfort level with everybody that plays. You know where he is going to be and everything else, that’s a huge plus for us."

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