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Week 11 Report Card: Jets \ Broncos


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New York Jets Report Card Week 11


by MATT KEACH on NOVEMBER 18, 2011


New York Jets Report Card

Week 11 – Jets @ Broncos

Quarterback: F

Sanchez: 24/40, 252 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT

Your offense needs to net more than 3 points. Period. Can we throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield? Can we catch every snap? Can we convert on third downs? No, no… no.

Running Backs: C-

McKnight: 16/59/0, 6 catches, 62 yards

McKnight did a decent job filling in for Greene, nearly bringing a reception in for a touchdown… he’s clearly a weapon in the passing game moving forward. But without Greene and L.T., it’s no surprise the Jets couldn’t get going with the running game.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: D

Burress: 4/64/0

Plaxico showed up to play, Turner made a nice catch when the game was on the line… but how about a little more consistency? The wide receivers and tight ends need to get off of coverage quicker.

Offensive Line: F

Sanchez was under constant pressure. Wayne Hunter is a revolving door. You know the drill by now. Well, at least Matt Slauson got a touchdown!

Defensive Line: A-

A very nice performance until the end of the game. Excellent job creating penetration into the backfield.

Linebackers: A-

Great job shutting down the run, and Calvin Pace was credited with a forced fumble. Gave up the long drive to Tebow with the game on the line, but were impressive for 58 minutes.

Secondary: C+

They put up the type of performance you would expect against a very weak passing offense… and not much else, but folded in Tebow’s 2 minute drive at the end of the 4th quarter.

Special Teams: D

Very solid at times, but a nice return by the Broncos, a shanked punt by Conley and yet another special teams turnover by McKnight are more than enough to drop this grade to a D – and that’s being generous.

Coaching: F

Brian Schottenheimer’s offensive gameplan needs to net more than 3 points, because that’s exactly what it did, given the pick 6. Where were the halftime adjustments?

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My opinion, Sanchez should get a D grade if the Oline gets an F. How many times was Von Miller and Dumervil in Sanchez face? 3 sacks worth How many times was Carter from the Patriots in Sanchez face? 4.5 sacks worth.

This offensive line, mixed with Schotty's hideous playcalling is not a recipe where Sanchez can thrive. Sanchez didnt have a good game....im not making excuses for him. But dude kept seeing broncos in his face, whether it was for a sack or a couple late hits that the refs turned a blind eye to.

How can you concentrate when you get sacked damn near 10 times in 2 games by 3 guys? And thats not mentioning the other guys from the pats game that got sacks.

Situations like that will cause a qb to throw pick 6's or to over/underthrow.

Sanchez needs to be protected and he needs a coordinator.

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