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NY Giants have clearly passed the NEP on the elite franchise list......


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With this victory they are clearly in the upper echelon now after exposing the Pats* twice.

They did it without cheating and without the HC stealing a dead mans money.

Steelers, 49ers, then Giants? Thoughts?

Cowboys are way above the Giants.

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Looking at it over the long haul, like from the first Super Bowl, Steelers and Cowboys lead the list with 8 appearances. So to be called elite, I would think you would need more than half the total of the two leaders, which is 5 appearances. Calling yourself elite because you made half as many as the leader doesn't cut it.

Then, to be called elite, you should win more appearances than you lose. Appearances count, but winning the trophy once you get there counts too.

Therefore, the elite teams are:








Patriots, Broncos and Dolphins don't make it because they have losing records.

Although I didn't list the teams in order, a case could be made for the 49ers being the best Super bowl team, since they have only one victory less than Pittsburgh, but a perfect record when they get there.


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