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Greatest Halftime Contest Everrrr!


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~Stephen Ross to give out a BIG check like on Semi Pro~


Inspired by the fact that the disease claimed the life of CFO Mark Brockelman’s wife, Jan, in 2010, the Dolphins will have a screening before Sunday’s game against the Raiders

.  The first 100 to be checked will receive a pair of free tickets to the October 14 game against the Rams.

But here’s where it gets a little weird.  Of those who showed up in June for a melanoma screening, three of them will try to win $10,000 by attempting a field goal at halftime of Sunday’s game.

A 60-yard field goal.

Sixty yards.


Why even bother?  Plenty of NFL kickers would miss a one-time try from that far out, even without a defense trying to block it.  How many folks from the average population will even come close?

Hinging the prize on a 60-yard field goal means that they don’t want to give away the prize.  And watching a trio of attempts that won’t even make it to the end zone (or possibly to the red zone) will do nothing to add to the in-stadium experience for those who choose to show up for the game.

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That is like telling them. I will pay you 10 K if you can run Faster than RGIII in a 40 yard sprint. COme on man..They are so stupid. I can understand like a 30 yard kick but a 60 yarder and only for 10k? Dolphins are going to become the even more laughable as an organization...and the prize is only 10K. Come on. I can understand a million but 10k? LOL

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