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Leelou Mafia - Game Thread


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if only there was something besides football and mafia going on here....

this lack of posting will lead me to engage in boredom fueled real life activities and that will lead to no good at all.

nope. no good at all.

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NO! I was on my phone, i was trying to pos rep you and I accidentaly hit the neg one instead and didn't know how to do it. And why do you keep calling me Rand?

yes, I've done it myself.

make it up with pluses, I don't think you can undo it but I'm not sure.

I couldn't when I tried, did it to poor bombdirt twice, who only deserves plus rep for his good work

To make it up for you, i shall go and see if I can spam the 100k thread.

yeah, that's good too :)

spam it hard, hatter.

must have mistyped that somehow.

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