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The Walking Dead mafia {signups}


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This game isn't really basic but it's not really advanced either. I'd like to get 20 people, but I can deal with as few as 12.

1. Do not quote any portion of any conversation I have had with you. This includes QT’s, PM’s, IM’s, smoke signals, text messages, laser lights, and any other form of communication.

2. Don’t discuss the game except on a designated QT or on the game thread.

3. You may vote for no lynch.

4. You may self vote

5. You may reveal your character and role, but no mass claims.

6. This game is based on the TV series. I have not read the comics. If anyone posts any spoilers from the comic, I will be very irritated and they will be modkilled, no exceptions.

7. Penalties for rule breaking besides rule 6 may range from a PR to a modkill.

8. Votes/unvotes must be in bold and red.

9. This is a hammer game. I stop counting votes at hammer.

10. My scenes aren’t awesome, if you don’t like it, feel free to write additional scenes, or refer to rule 14.

11. Amuse me.

12. The game is set at the beginning of season 2.

13. Don’t get bitten.

14. GFY

Player roster:

  1. Ishy
  2. 80
  3. Cindy
  4. Pac
  5. Verbalicious
  6. Christine
  7. Leelou
  8. Lily
  9. SMC
  10. The Crusher
  11. Basel Gill
  12. WWWWombat
  13. HessStation
  14. AVM
  15. JiF
  16. Integrity28 (Ape)
  17. Naeann
  18. HeavyFog

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Couple things I need to know..

Is Ikea a girl? If so I'll need you to PM me a couple pics.

Do you mean me? Yes I'm female. And don't hold your breath....no, on second thought, do.

consider me your whipping girl.

and put my name on the list or I'll cry...


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you see why they can't keep women here?

pac, settle down and stop scaring the nice girl.

It's a rite of passage.. Don't stand in the way of tradition.

In fact I don't believe I've received your action shot. Feel free to PM me with that before 3PM.


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In but I insist you take your time and write well thought out scenes. A Walking Dead themed game is deserving of your total attention.

If you're not prepared to do that, I suggest you find an alternate theme.

I shall do my best, Pac.

What Pac said, seriously.

Also. I play.

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