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rolando mcclain


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If he did this to a friend, what would he do to Sanchez?


Well if the Jets do take a flier on him hopefully he considers Tom Brady, and the whole NE team "friends"!

On a serious note, I don't know his contract situation, but he is B Scott, but 10 years younger, pick him up pray some schmuck is willing to take on Harris' contract, I like Harris, but hate his contract, and you can have McClain take out the blockers like Scott used to, and let the speedy D Davis clean up the tackles, this would create a big whole in the play caller on the field, D Davis would have to spend a lot of time in Florham Park this offseason being schooled how to become the leader, and signal caller on the field that Rex said/thought he would be.

This would fit the rebuilding mold he is 23 years old, and could just use a change of scenery, and some good coaching to put him in position to make plays, the question is will he make the plays, the talent is there.

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Isn't McClain just another David Harris? I thought we wanted to improve the speed of our linebacking corp, no?

He is owed 10 mill for the next 2 years, his base salary this year is 890,000, the 10 mill is not guaranteed, and that prorated 890,000 won't dent the carry over the Jets are trying to keep for next year, claim him, offer Harris to any team for anything, if no takers you cut McClain, if you get a taker McClain is your cheaper D Harris.

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Just read the article and I only have a strong opinion on one thing:

Bill Williamson needs to watch what he eats already. His face has blown up to the point where it's mushed up all the room previously allotted for his eyeballs.


And it also looks like he's taking a dump. A big dump.

KleckoisGod is writing again?

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