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Braylon passes physical, will probably play Monday..


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Braylon Edwards passed physical, Jets think he can play on Monday despite hamstring injury

By Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger The Star-Ledger

on December 13, 2012 at 11:40 AM

The Seahawks waived Braylon Edwards earlier in the week because of a hamstring injury that, they felt, could possibly keep him out for the remainder of the season.

Well, today he'll be limited during Jets practice but will still participate. Rex Ryan thinks he can play on Monday.

"Obviously, we felt different," Ryan said.

He added: "He passed the physical, he's cleared to practice. I'm optimistic he'll be able to play on Monday but I'll learn on our trainers and doctors. I'll say this about Braylon -- he's extremely happy to be here, I've seen him in the locker room, he's hugging guys, he's going crazy. I was happy to see him despite the obvious comment."

Right, that whole thing about Edwards calling the Jets decision makers "idiots" for their handling of Mark Sanchez.

Ryan made light of that as well.

"With the comment, I look at it this way, (general manager Mike Tannenbaum) and I are both doing this 'he's talking about you, no he's talking about you,'" Ryan joked. "So, we're both okay with it."

As far as learning the playbook, Ryan said that receivers coach Sanjay Lal has been spending extra time getting him up to speed. He didn't think Edwards could contribute as early as he did when the Jets traded for him in 2009, either.

"All I want is the exact type of game the last time we picked him up," Ryan said. "I think he scored a touchdown and set up two others. If he can do that we'll be okay. When we did make that trade there were questions about how much we could really play him (the following Sunday) and he played a ton for us."

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He might have been playing hurt... but he has been playing.

Yea I don't get all the snide comments, what do the Jets have to lose here? If he plays ok, good, or even great, and helps us win the next 3 games they look great, if he is bad to mediocre oh well we sucked anyway, if he does something stupid, and makes them look like fools, so what everybody who has a public voice AKA media, already wants you to believe that, and thinks that!

It's a 3 game contract (hopefully 4+) nothing more, and it could be less, there is no risk here at all, and TBH if they didn't make this move they SHOULD have been killed for not doing it more than some are killing them for trying it.

If he does nothing else other than maybe jolting Marks confidence, and maybe taking the top of D's out the play it's a success IMO.

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