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NFL Fan Loyalty map ( from Facebook ) MERGED


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If you're an NFL fan in Nassau County, chances are you support the New York :headbang: Jets .

The bad news is that the western tip of Long Island is the only strip of turf in the country where you make up the majority and you're surrounded on all sides by a sea of Giants, Patriots, Steelers, and Eagles fans.

The other bad news is that Mark Sanchez is still your quarterback.

That information—well, except for the Mark Sanchez part—comes courtesy of fascinating new metrics on football fan allegiances put out by Facebook's Data Science team this week. Basically, the social network patched together a fan loyalty map by cross-referencing the site's 32 U.S. million users who've liked a particular NFL team page with their county location.

rest of above article :

> http://www.pcmag.com...tm_content=ESPN

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So Facebook analyzed the entire country and where fans of each team come from throughout the US. Just so nobody is confused:


Standard green is the Packers. Obviously they dominate Wisconsin and whatever the **** that is above them.


Philly has their turquoise-ish color. You can see the dominate Southern Jersey and all of Pennsylvania around Philly. Also looks like they got a nice contingency in north Florida.


The bright green color is the Jets fans. As you can see we have half of New Yo…hmmm. Well maybe there’s some people in North Jers…hmmm. Oh no wait there we are:


Half of Nassau County. Hey, nobody has ever been accused of being a bandwagon Jets fan.

By KFC posted January 30th, 2013 at 5:15 PM

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