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Brian Costello: Sanchez Holds Edge

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Sanchez holds edge
  • Last Updated: 3:59 AM, August 20, 2013
  • Posted: 1:27 AM, August 20, 2013
  • Jets Blog

Geno Smith’s ankle looked better yesterday. His decision making? That still needs work.


The Jets rookie quarterback was back on the field after missing Saturday’s preseason win over the Jaguars because of a sprained right ankle. Smith moved better in practice yesterday than he has since suffering the injury on Aug. 9, but he still had a rough day to start off a crucial week in the competition to be the team’s starting quarterback.


During team drills with the starters, Smith went 1-for-6 with an interception. This comes after his last practice — which featured four interceptions — was labeled “brutal” by coach Rex Ryan.


QB OR NOT QB?: Mark Sanchez (right) and Geno Smith are still competing for the Jets’ starting job, with Smith expected to start in Saturday’s preseason battle with the Giants.

Smith appears to be trailing Mark Sanchez in the competition, but he has one last chance to make a big move on Saturday when the Jets face the Giants. Smith is expected to start, even though Ryan would not reveal his starter yesterday.


Smith, the team’s second-round draft pick, said he does not believe the Giants game will decide the competition.


“I don’t think so, not one game,” Smith said. “They’ve been evaluating me since I’ve been here. I don’t think one or two games will be able to tell you where I am because it’s still early in my career.

It’s about learning. I’ve got a lot of learning to do. Every single rep is going to be vital for my success in the future.”


Ryan said he was pleased with how Smith responded to his harsh words last week.


“He’s ready to roll his sleeves up and get better,” Ryan said.


As for that “brutal” practice, Smith said he has moved on.


“Bad days happen,” Smith said. “I don’t like to go back on the past, but I’d have to say that was one of my worst days. You’ve got to move on from it. I have a short memory.”


Sanchez had an opportunity to slam the door shut on Smith against the Jaguars but threw an interception and committed a boneheaded play at the end of the half by allowing the clock to run out and waste a scoring opportunity. Sanchez knows this is most likely the final days of the competition, saying he’s sure “a decision will be made here soon.”


Does he feel like he’s done enough to win the job?


“I don’t know,” Sanchez said. “You have to ask the coaches. I feel good about my performance and the camp I put together. It’s definitely the best camp I’ve had. Just keep improving and keep working.”


Smith worked with the starters yesterday as the Jets continue to rotate quarterbacks. Ryan would not say how he will deploy Smith and Sanchez against the Giants, but Smith has had one preseason game cut short by injury and missed another one, so playing him for an extended time makes sense.


Smith threw a terrible interception yesterday to linebacker Demario Davis. He also threw two nice deep balls that wide receiver Stephen Hill did not catch, but probably should have.


The ankle injury that hampered Smith so much last week was not as apparent yesterday, and Smith said he could play if there were a game today. He said he is relishing the opportunity this week to win the job and treating every rep as if he is the Jets’ starting quarterback.


“In this stage of the competition it’s very important to do so,” Smith said. “Whenever you get reps in the game you’ve got to maximize it. You want to prove that you belong as the starter of this team.”




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I think it's only fair that Geno's decision making be measures against Mark's decision making IN GAME.


In practice, not sure if it matters all that much. Many players practice awful and show up on game day, Sanchez usually does the opposite. So, lets' evaluate them on the playing field maybe?

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I have a feeling Sanchez starts this year.  However, if Geno looks good vs Giants then I would just start him and roll with the mistakes.  Sanchez hit his potential in 2010. Nothing but down for him now.

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New York Jets

Robert Nacarano

+    Trust


Jets Practice Report From Florham Park 8-29

The Jets are back at their training facility in New Jersey and had their first practice session there.

Mark Sanchez again outplayed Geno Smith, who didn’t seem hampered by the ankle that kept him out of Saturday night’s game against the Jaguars.

Sanchez, playing for the second-team offense, was 7-for-10 passing, with a sack, a drop and a fumbled snap. The bonus about that for Sanchez, at least on Monday, was that he wasn’t throwing the ball to WR Stephen Hill.

Hill had two drops playing with Smith, both on deep, well-thrown balls. But even those drops didn’t account for the 1-for-6 performance, which included a sack and an interception by DeMario Davis. Smith started well enough, but his play went downhill as practice wore on.


Geno's ankle is taped pretty heavily. so who knows how it feels after practice, when it comes off. I still feel that Sanchez will start the game because I don’t see him following Geno. By that time the second or third team will be in for both teams. I'm beginning to be nervous about Hill not being able to catch passes. He needs to improve more in that area. Now the question will be, how long Coples will be out? If I had to guess, I think he can be ready for Week 3, against the Bills. It's a shame on what's been happening with Ellis, who Ryan always mentions as part of that defensive line unit. His back stiffened up again. Just as I though, Allen will end up being the starting safety, alongside Dawan Landry

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I could care less if Sanchez outplays Geno right now although I am not sure that is even true as you dont know what they were trying to do and Hill dropped 2 very catchable balls.


Geno needs to show he can outplay Sanchez in a game. Hopefully he gets that opportunity this weekend.

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