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Jets Players - Fantasy Football Rankings


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By Mike Dietrich


Very soon we will post the Top 150 (fantasy football rankings). For now let’s take a look at the relevant Jets and their fantasy football prospects. The # is where they appear in my rankings:

  • Chris Johnson (58)- A very frustrating Rb to own but he does have one thing in his favor and that is his health, he rarely misses a game.  He has a ton of negative to 1 yard runs but is still a threat to take one 80 yards at any time.  I look at him as a Rb3/Flex this year expecting 1100 total yards and 7 Td’s
  • Eric Decker (67)- He steps in and gives Smith a Wr1.  I do not expect anything close to his Broncos stats but he has a nose for the end zone and should be a solid WR2 or Wr3.  I expect 900 yards and 8 Td’s
  • Chris Ivory (80) – I see a 60/40 job share and Ivory should be a nice bye week fill in with the possibility of Rb2 status if CJ2K gets injured, he does not have great hands so that holds his usage back but I can see 700 total yards and 6 Td’s
  • Geno Smith (Unranked)- The good news is he had 5 excellent fantasy games last year but the negative was all others were so bad that it was almost impossible to benefit from those good games because you never knew when they would come.  If he continues to use his legs and with the addition of much better weapons he should be startable in 2 QB leagues.  I project 3400 passing yards, 400 rushing yards and a total of 24 Td’s
  • Stephen Hill (Unranked)- The one trick pony continues to struggles and will only be on teams in leagues of 20 teams or more, this is the year the light should go on but I am not seeing it.  I project 400 yards and 3 Td’s.
  • Jeremy Kerley (Unranked) – Now that he should be healthy and does not have to face the other team’s best Cb’s he should get back to where he was 2 years ago and could get drafted at the end of deep leagues.  I project 800 yards and 5 td’s.
  • Jace Amaro (Unranked)- He is an interesting talent and has the skills to make a mark his rookie year but I am not sure Smith will be one to look to his TE much and rookie TE’s are not usually fantasy relevant.  I project 450 yards and 5 Td’s
  • Michael Vick (Unranked) –If and only if he gets a few starts he becomes a quality bye week fill in but I see Smith holding the job unless an injury occurs in which case he is a great spot start candidate or one in a 2 QB league.
  • Nick Folk (Unranked) – Good kicker, and he should get a bunch of options but I would have  a plan in place when the weather gets bad in the northeast.  I project 108 points.
  • Shaq Evans (Unranked) -  He played on the outside all of his UCLA career and I can see him beating out Hill midway through the year but still do not see fantasy relevance.  My projection is 350 yards and 2 TD’s.
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only jets players I would personally touch in fantasy football this year are nick folk, geno smith, and chris Johnson. my reasoning for these 3 is jets have trouble getting in the endzone so nick folk should have pleanty of opportunities for feildgoals and those are worth more than a PAT. geno smith tword the end of last season was putting up good fantasy points with rushing yards and rushing touchdowns, a rushing qb is good for fantasy football and although he isn't the best one of the bunch you can often get him with your last pick and he can be a steal that far down. chris Johnson is good for fantasy this year because chris ivory is almost guaranteed to get hurt and miss games and your not going to give the ball to bilal powell if chris Johnson is able to carry it, he has also been doing a good job catching balls from geno and vick during training camp. kerley might be worth a shot later on in the season as he probly wont be drafted in any leagues but he has a solid set of hands and down the line teams will have to put strong coverage on decker and should give kerley some opertunities that he hasn't really had in awhile.

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I'm getting depressed realizing that our kicker is our best fantasy option. *Guzzles beer* Still, I'll take Decker all day as a low 2/high 3 and CJ as a flex.


Agreed. I categorize both of them as the type of mid-round picks that nobody is going to reach on (unless you are in a league full of Jet fans) that will give you the depth and value you need to win a league.

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