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Mangini's hopeful Agenda


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Hopefully he will:

- Tell Curtis its time to retire and be the Jets play by play analyst

- Push Bradway to make a Abraham trade

- Tells Mawae to keep his yap shut. You complained about a tuf Groh when he was canned and then bellyached about a eeasy Herm on his way out. You need the ink that much Unibrow?

- Tells Fabini he has 2 choices, career backup or adios

- Tells Chad that in best interest of Jets if he cant throw 20 yards by July he might want to join Curtis in the booth

- Convince Dinger to stay and push for Volek to join Jets

- If Dinger leave he needs to rebuild offense from scratch with assistants he deems know his philopsophy

- Te;ll Ty law that 11 million doesnt buy a lot in NY and he might want to look at KC where he might get overpaid

- Just nod when Bradway talks and then get on phone to Tannebaum and tell him what he wants

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That's about it. And also if anyone want to play opening day, they should seriously consider perfect attendance at the offseason workout program and "voluntary" team activity camps. Pro football is for most players a very short part of a player's work/career life. Do it right or don't bother. Either follow the program and be in the best of shape on opening day of camp or seek alternative employement.

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