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I watched the press conference last night on TIVO

Scott Dierking

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All afternoon I had read here what a terrible job Mangini did and what he awful job he did in delivery.

I walked away with a different impression. As an old Speech Communications major, I tend to look at the delivery and how the speech is delivered, rather than the context and substance. Context and substance, especially coming out of a coaches mouth, do not have a lot of meaning.

Mangini is a very humble man. The times when he had the most difficult time, fumbling for words, avoiding eye contact was when he was talking about himself. Being the center of attention of a media probe like this obviously embarrassed the man. That does not necessarily translate that he will have a problem leading his team.

More importantly, when Mangini was talking about his leadership traits and where accountabilities lie, he made direct eye contact with the press, and maintained that contact to an almost glare. He is obviously a man of convictions,he believes in those convictions and he will enforce them. They seem important to him.

This is very little to glom off of, especially for a first time press conference. From some of the initial reads I had yesterday afternoon, I was afraid that the man was weak in passion and weak in conviction. After watching I did not get that read at all.

For whatever it is worth, that was my read.

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I said this in another thread. I listened to the ESPN Radio and WFAN interviews.

In both interviews Mangini did something that I really liked. He answered the question that was asked. Nothing more. He didn't go off on tangents just stressed that he was excited to get to work.

If they asked him a simple question, he gave a real direct and simple answer. I thought he did a real good job. Oh and he didn't stutter which is always an added bonus. :wink:

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