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New York Jets QB Sam Darnold, 8.21

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New York Jets QB Sam Darnold, 8.21


On if there is any difference with the third preseason game compared to the other ones...

No, I mean usually starters play a little longer. We haven't exactly been told how much we're playing yet, so that might be the only difference. But other than that, there's no difference between this game and the first couple preseason games.


On his chemistry with Le'Veon Bell and how it's different during games...

Yeah, for sure. There are different things throughout the game. I might be feeling something and he might run a route a certain way and it could look different in practice than in a game, so there is a difference there. But again, we're not going to know that difference until we get out there on the field together. So far in practice, it's been great just communicating back and forth always and Le'Veon has been nothing but a great teammate so far. So, I'm sure that will translate on the playing field. 


On what he worked on during the offseason...

Well, for me, I think first of all, looking at my tape from last year and understanding where I can get better and how I improved the last few games of the season and just continuing to do those things that I improved on. Also, just working on my body – getting my body right, my hips, all that. So, those are kind of the couple things that I worked on this offseason.


On if he worked on his footwork in the pocket or if it has gotten better by experience...

Yeah, I think it's a combination of both. I think I'm definitely a lot less stressed out in the pocket. Last year, first year in the NFL, first couple games especially, I was very spastic in the pocket. I was kind of that way. My first few games and really, the first half of the season. I thought I calmed down a lot the last half of the season and then these first preseason games, I felt like I've been really calm and we've just been kind of driving the ball down the field. I think our offense has found a good rhythm here. 


On if he's curious how the offense will look with Bell...

Yeah, for sure. I think we've been doing a bunch of stuff in practice with him. But yeah, during the game, you never know. Obviously, we have our plan of what we want to do. The first few plays we want to run, but then after that, we could be drawing up plays on the sideline and getting after the defenses like that during a game. So, it's fun to kind of do that with Coach (Adam) Gase. Even during the first couple preseason games we've been doing it. I'm just excited to get some live action and get these real games going, these regular season games.


On his throw to Quincy Enunwa in the second preseason game...

Right there, we had a little play action. It was one of the first couple plays, right? So, yeah, we just had a play action and tried to get my eyes around as fast as possible, noticed it was man (coverage). I was just really making sure that middle field safety was going to get in the throw. I knew Quincy (Enunwa) was going to beat his man, get across his face and flatten it, which you're supposed to do against man. So, I was just trying to put it in a good spot where the defender didn't have a chance to get it and Quincy obviously did a really good job of separating. 


On how he balances his play making ability with proper technique...

I think, for me, I've always kind of thrown with my left hip open a little bit more. That's just kind of always how I've been even going back to high school. So, I think, for me, it's more natural. But, I definitely just continue to work on my target line, getting my left hip to where I want to throw it. If I just continue to work on that in practice, it's going to feel more natural. That's just kind of how it comes out sometimes and as long as I'm continuing to be accurate with the football, we'll correct it then. But, as long as I continue to be accurate, then I won't be too worried about it.


On what it's like to hear the praise he received from Coach Gase for the pass to Enunwa...

He's obviously coached some good quarterbacks. So to hear that from Coach Gase, it means a lot. I think he might be just saying it because it's in front of you guys and he's with the Jets now (joking). It's good that he's saying stuff like that, but at the same time, I'm just here to work. I've seen a lot of great throws getting to learn this offense and I've seen a lot of great throws from No. 18 (Peyton Manning), who played with the Broncos, just learning this offense and watching Peyton throw the ball a little bit. I can say that I've watched better throws than that, but it's just Coach Gase giving his players praise. He's always trying to boost our confidence and all that. Thanks, coach. 


On if he was worried about Bell as a teammate…

I'm not worried about it. He's been great so far. We've talked a bunch in practice and off the field as well. So, I'm not worried about it.


On if he's given Bell a hard time for not playing in the preseason game...

Yeah, he's out there in pregame with the pads on and dancing around and he's like, "Let's go, guys! Come on! Get fired up!" I'm like, 'Bro, you're not even playing,' (laughter). Once you start playing, you can start doing that stuff (joking). Nah, he's been great. We've just kind of been playing around pregame and doing that, but I know he can't wait to get out there and we're excited to have him whenever he plays in the regular season.


On if he has a good sense of how he will work with Bell...

Yeah, for sure. Obviously game situation with me scrambling is different than maybe escaping a rush or two and him just kind of finding the open zone. We haven't really gotten a ton of work at that, which I know he's really good at, so I'm excited about that. But, just with him being so available and the check downs all the time, that's something I've noticed in practice and that he does a really good job of.


On Ryan Kalil...

Yeah, Ryan has been awesome. Just all the football that he's seen. Even today, he saw the safety rotation, he re-MIKE'd for me. We had a conversation (saying) if you're going to do that, be loud, so I can communicate and all that. But, he sees stuff. He sees safety rotation. He's got his head up all the time looking for guys. So, it's good to have a guy like that that's been around some football and who knows his stuff. 


On how valuable it is to have the extra set of eyes from the center...

It's huge because he might see something that I don't see. If my eyes are here and I'm looking at some of the safeties or kind of the outer shell coverage – the safeties, the DBs, all that stuff and then all of a sudden, he sees a linebacker kind of start to creep in there, it looks like he's blitzing. He might give me a heads up saying, "Hey, hey, Dar! Dar!” Something like that. So, Ryan's great at communicating and we're just going to continue to again, those terms that we've used to communicate stuff like that. We're just going to continue to work on that and continue to figure out the terminology and get on the same page.


On Ryan Griffin...

Yeah, Griff has been awesome. He's such a hard worker. He comes in everyday and works hard. But, at the same time, he's a pro as well. He's been in this league for a while and again, whenever we can get guys like that in the locker room, it's always a plus for us. But, also, his ability to go out there, catch the football and also run block or even pass block sometimes, which he hasn't done a lot of. He's been good at that. He's been great for us so far and obviously, with the (Chris Herndon) suspension and all that, we're looking to see some good things out of him.

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5 hours ago, LionelRichie said:

Darnold shouldn't see the field again until week 1.   

I agree, if he's going to get injured let it happen then, when it counts.


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