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How Is It Possible That A "Buffoonish" Jerry Jones....


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1 hour ago, jetswinbaby! said:

As "acting GM,"  managed to build a NFC Championship contender in the Cowboys, whom the Jets will be facing in a few weeks:

A competent HC...

An tough, mobile young QB who's improving...

An elite RB...

Good Receivers and a HOF TE...

An O-Line that's the envy of the league...

And a Defense that's aggressive, underrated and really good...

And the hapless Jets go through professional, so-called GM's like used Q-Tips...

Always in a "re-build,"  never building a solid foundation...




what he has done with the Cowboys both on the field and off is kind of the opposite of “baffoonish".

doesn’t that kind of negate the premise?

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Jerry Jones does not want to win at all he costs. None of the owners care about  that. They want to make money at a costs. That, and only  that, matters to a of them. Jerry got three Trophies  for buying the team  and the new stadium.that was to come. That means  cowboys  have to take a back seat for a while. The occasional  playoff  win/loss keeps the dumb fans drooling/hoping for more the next  year. At least Dallas gets playoff game profit once in a while. Jets get longgggggg gaps..but like I said, owners don't care about wins.




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16 minutes ago, Grandy said:

You can be a billionaire, but lack in other areas.

When you look at the ownership of the Wilpons, and the Dolans they dont exactly ring competency.

They lack in nothing. They OWN You.

Anything negative  about them in media, is so you poor shlubs  can think you're a better person for being poor ****  who has to work his  ass off ,for scraps in return.  While they continue  to own you.



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