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The Jets depth has gone from hideous to solid in a very short six weeks.  

  • OL - While it seems the Jets OL has suddenly become somewhat respectable, the reality is three or four starters will be needed in 2020.  That said, having Lewis, Compton and Harrison as capable backups for next season would be ideal.  If Beachum could be signed for $8-10mm, he would server as a gap starter or potential backup for this team.  Unless Andrew Thomas is there when Douglas picks, if Beachum is re-signed, Douglas can have the luxury of waiting until the second round to nab his LT of the future.
  • TE - Ryan Griffen has been a real find.  Although I'm not a big fan of Herndon, these two could solidify the position for a while, if Chris can get his head on straight.
  • DL- Fatukasi, Sheppard, McClendon, Q, and Anderson.  'Nuff said.
  • ILB - Burgess and Hewitt make this unit dynamic once Mosely and Cashman come back and make Williamson expendable.  That's a $6mm cap saving in 2020.
  • CB - You can't say enough about Bless and Maulet.   They have been spectacular and have made this team watchable again.  If nothing else, they will provide quality depth in 2020 and possibly even start.  

These guys, along with terrific coaching, have made this team fun again and provide hope for 2020.  

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Fact remains that starting our depth has enabled some important aspects of Darnold continuing to progress as well as the system he and both the O and D are in to progress. Without these depth guys stepping up into starting roles for the meantime made big differences there. Without that we would have seen neither of those areas show any progress this season leaving the lesser important consolation prize of a top 1 or 2 pick that could have been trade bait or an exceptional prospect like Edge rusher Young or LT Thomas.

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