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11 hours ago, Charlie Brown said:

Here is an interesting Draft discussion just passing it on.  


Thanks for posting but I had to stop watching at the half-way point. The logic is just absurd. So he would be 'shocked' if the Jets took a QB because they have cap space and the expectations would be high with new FAs? Thats the argument? So we're going to trade Darnold, draft Sewell and bring in Jimmy G? Thats the Jets plan? Then he says Zach Wilson (not sure why he automatically assumes it will be Wilson and not the more seasoned Fields), the guy who can't win with all these vet FAs because he's young and undeveloped, would go #1 overall in any other year so the #2 pick is actually more valuable than the Jags pick? Um. So you're telling me if the Jags made the #1 pick available right now 1/2 the teams in the NFL wouldn't come knocking so they can get their hands on TL? 

I dunno. Seems like a stretch that JD is planning to go this route rather than just get the most he can for Darnold and take Wilson or Fields then manage the rest of the draft and FA like he normally would.  

My prediction is that the Jets have all but made up their minds on who they will take at #2 and its Wilson or Fields. I think JD already has a couple offers on the table for Darnold but wants better. And I believe JD is leaving (as any responsible GM should) a window to accept a massive offer to move down if someone was to blow his socks off.  

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