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2021 NFL Player and mock spreadsheet....

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My yearly spreadsheet is finalized (now that the compensatory picks are in). 

Most people here will be familiar with it but as a refresher:

Lists the entire draft order and allows you to make your own mock draft.  (Includes draft value chart)

Lists over 400 college players ranked by an average of various web draft sites.  (There are always sleeper players that do not make it on this sheet so feel free to add anyone you like to the sheet for your own use.)

Last years team rankings for a few statistical categories (helps you spot strengths and weaknesses of teams.)

The sheet is useful to those who are going to participate in the Jet Nation 2021 mock draft. 

The link is below.  (The sheet has some basic macros that allow you to move around the sheet easier but none of the macros are essential so if you are hesitant about them just ignore them.)

Once you copy he link into a browser window 'download' the sheet.


Any questions or comments just eave them in this thread.


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