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The New TE Room

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Some are questioning the wisdom of drafting Ruckert last night after signing Uzomah and Conklin (I know, right?)


But looking at their skill sets and past roles, I think it's going to work out very well. I see Uzomah and Ruckert being our top actual Tight Ends, both can work in line or off the ball, they can both catch and block, and I think both compliment each other well...


And I see Conklin as our new FB/H-Back. He's 6'3 250, and I think while he can also work in similar roles as the other guys, I think he gets used more as a FB.


With the new TE group, Carter and Hall, Wilson, Moore, Davis etc.  the Offense just got WAY more diverse, multiple, variable, amd DANGEROUS.


Now Zach needs to get it done.

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