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Barry's Best Bets (Week 7 DFS)

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New thing ima do if it doesn't suck this week. I was originally going to call this Cock's Locks but then I remembered I was scolded for making a similar thread title once.

I used to be basically a break even DFS player but injected some knowledge into my veins this season and have converted myself into a consistent winning player. Short sample size, yes, but this just feels like something is going right.

ANYWHO here's what I'm gonna do as my community service to JN. You're going to get my best bet lineup for the week and a fun, Jets centric lineup. I play on fanduel, so that's what I'm giving you. Let's go.

Best Bet:


Jets Bet:


Good luck, bitches.

Disclaimer: Barry McCockinner is not a financial advisor and is not responsible for your decisions. He once created a thread on JN predicting bitcoin would reach 100k by 2021. Gambling is risky and you should not wager what you cannot afford to lose.

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6 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Foster Moreau is a fun pick this week.  TE being the dumpster fire that it is, a hit there goes a lonnnng way in DFS, I imagine.

And I also support the unofficial “C*ck’s Locks” moniker.

Coming into the season I was expecting a huge year from Waller with McDaniel. Hasn't panned out but Moreau is just a value pick at the price this week. Especially with Renfrow and Hollins banged up.

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