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Jets no longer in Playoffs as of Today


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where in a tough spot. i dont believe Zach Wilson is a NFL QB. if we make the playoffs, it would be like it was earlier in the year, because of our defense and running game. not because of Zach. so if we make the playoffs thats great but bad cause i think that guarantees Zach is the starter next year.

now if we dont make the playoffs that sucks for us but that would end the Zach Wilson ERA. next year we have a new QB

im torn cause i never want the Jets to lose but im afraid if we win and make the playoffs we will see the same talk we seen before.

were winning!!.... he is doing what they ask him to do..... who cares if Hall is the offense..... he doesnt turn the ball over...... he is 1-0......2-0.....3-0......4-0...... shut up your ruining my happiness.......go away....thumbs down.

we cant go back to that false security that he is a NFL QB cause were winning.

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14 minutes ago, ChrebetOverKeyshawn said:

Still devastated this morning. Silver lining im looking at is pats go to Minnesota on a short week, bengals travel to Tennessee whose had 10 days off. While we host 3-8 Chicago. Good chance to be back on the inside by next Sunday 

what makes it worst is we lose the tiebreaker against both those teams and they will be fighting us for those WC spots.

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