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Midfield JETS Logo at Metlife??

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Sorry if I didn't scroll far enough to find if this was discussed. I saw the Giants will have their logo at midfield FINALLY, instead of that generic NFL Logo (should have been done years ago). Anyone hear or see if JETS will be following the Giants lead?? Would Love to see JETS logo midfield this year!!

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2 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:

Logo looks great but I would've liked to see what the 80's logo looked like on the field without being in an oval. It just looks a little odd since it's not usually in one

the midfield oval is necessary so that the cut outs are all the same for the 3 Jets logos and however many that other team will use in its home games.  Hopefully, the endzones will have the logo sans footbal oval.

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9 minutes ago, Dcat said:

The top right one is the way better logo.  Current logo looks like a child cut and pasted it.

One of the (many) mistakes they made with this redesign was that in moving away from the 60s/2000s look they wanted to "honor" it with a logo somewhat resembling it which was a huge mistake. It's just like a tweaked version that sucks that pleases nobody.

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