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Mark Gastineau question

Preston Howley III

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So. Anyway.

Paul Frase was the NT, Gastineau was the DE, and the other DE was...

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Or this never happened?


NEVER... HAPPENED. :character42:

I was just wondering who had the better herm avatar???

I got this idea from your avatar..and sperm executed it to perfection;)

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Comparing one Sperm Edwards AVATAR with another, is like comparing one Van Gogh painting with another.

They are all beautiful.

this is true.:P

sperm is a modern day Van Gogh;)

but..when I first saw it..I had a combination of spit and beer fly out of my mouth and on to the monitor..:)

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We're not gonna have you guys defame, embarrass and otherwise speak ill of clowns by suggesting Herman Edwards might rise to the level of competence and sophisitcation of a clown.

Clowns make children laugh. Bozo, Claribell, Crusty. Except John Wayne Gacy, but at least he knew how a clock worked.

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