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TJ and Jimmy Raye: Perfect together/Jets news

Kentucky Jet

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this is good to hear about KC

● The catch of the day came late in the afternoon practice. The second offense struck big downfield when Chansi Stuckey leaped and made a one-handed grab of a 40-yard Kellen Clemens throw in between CB Drew Coleman and rookie S James Ihedigbo.

● Clemens then struck again on an over-the-middle dart to WR Frisman Jackson on CB Hank Poteat to set up first-and-goal at the 3. Four plays later, Clemens tried to fire a fourth-down touchdown pass, but Ihedigbo bounced back with a diving pass breakup just over the goal line.

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Chansi had to make a 1 hand catch? That mean the ball was thrown well, but not on the money. And accuracy in the NFL is second to none.

Clemens had a first and goal from the 3 and could not get a TD in practice? As we all know, he is not ready to lead this Jets team yet.

Practice... Practice... Who needs Practice? Are we really talking about Practice?

Kellen Clemens needs practice!

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