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Jets News Saturday 6/16


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This time it's different for Jets QB

Saturday, June 16, 2007



HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Chad Pennington connected with Justin McCareins on a slant pattern for a 30-yard "touchdown" during a two-minute drill exercise in the Jets' afternoon mini-camp practice Friday. Pennington accepted some brief congratulations from Laveranues Coles, but the quarterback's reaction showed it was no big deal.

Throwing and completing passes once again is routine to Pennington, although a year ago at this time, it was anything but.

At that point, he was still working his way back from a second shoulder surgery in eight months and every throw was being scrutinized by coaches, reporters and fans.

Not so in 2007, and for the first time in three years, Pennington enters a season without having gone through an arduous off-season shoulder rehab.

"Sometimes in the last few years," he admitted Friday after practice, "you knew exactly where the ball needed to go, but you weren't sure if it was going to go there. Sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldn't. That's just the kinks you have to work out after you have been through an injury, trying to get your body back in sync."

What made it worse last year was that Pennington was trying to learn his third different offensive system in three seasons under then-new coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

"In the first year of the system," Pennington said, "you're just trying to learn how to line up, how to do your assignment [and] how to try to be in the right spot. In the second year you try to learn the finer details of your assignment to where you can make adjustments on the run."

Pennington was able to do just that in the morning session when he and Coles collaborated on a deep route.

"We understand," Pennington said, "that things aren't going to happen exactly like they do on the chalkboard."

Much like Pennington's career.

He missed 23 starts over three seasons from 2003-05 because of various injuries, and didn't play all 16 regular-season games in one year until guiding the Jets to the playoffs in 2006. He won the comeback player of the year award, yet had a career-high 16 interceptions along with 17 touchdown passes.

But his increased familiarity with the offense, plus the addition of a bona-fide featured back in Thomas Jones, should help Pennington improve his numbers in 2007.

Now his unquestioned work ethic once again can be used on fully digesting Schottenheimer's complex playbook and working on his throwing accuracy, not just throwing in general.

Plus, Pennington was in a four-way competition for the starting job when the 2006 training camp began, until he was named the starter in mid-August.

Because coach Eric Mangini named him the 2007 starter in the winter, Pennington should be able to get more practice time in this camp.

"He's a smart guy who comes to work every day," Jones said when asked what impresses him about Pennington. "As a leader, he shows that he has a presence in the huddle."

"Chad looks great," Coles said.

A healthy Pennington also has been able to do more work in the weight room this off-season, although Mangini said his quarterback hasn't necessarily put on much more weight.

"His primary focus [has been] getting his body more flexible [and] stronger," Mangini said, "all the things that you'd normally do in a typical off-season."

"The goal is always to continue to work hard and progress and never feel satisfied," Pennington said.

Now that sounds like Pennington before any season.

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Jets notebook

Saturday, June 16, 2007

McCareins impresses

Veteran wide receiver Justin McCareins lost his starting job in 2006 and seemed on his way to being a salary-cap casualty, especially considering his 2007 price tag ($2.9 million) and the Jets' drafting of Clemson wideout Chansi Stuckey in the seventh round.

But McCareins has been consistently impressive throughout voluntary practices and the mandatory minicamp.

"I'm here and it seems like I'm getting some good reps," said McCareins, who has gotten lots of work as the third wide receiver on the first unit.

"I'm a part of the offense. I'm doing the best that I can and putting my full effort into the practices and meetings. I feel like I'm part of the group."

Because the Jets have cap room, it seems prudent to keep him around, although they could try to shop McCareins in the preseason. But he's not concerning himself with that right now.

"A lot of things are out of my control," he said. "All I can do is continue to work hard and continue to let it be known to the people in power that I deserve to be on the field and I can contribute."


Disgruntled LG Pete Kendall shared time on the first team with third-year player Adrien Clarke for the second straight day. He said there was no progress in his contract stalemate. ... C Nick Mangold has returned to practice on a full-time basis after being severely limited during voluntary workouts because of an undisclosed injury, possibly a back problem. ... SS Kerry Rhodes missed the first two days of minicamp. Coach Eric Mangini said he was excused for "personal reasons." ... Rookie free-agent FB Jesse Allen was waived. ... The Jets invited several soldiers from Fort Bragg in North Carolina to watch practice and some even got a chance to participate in a few drills.

-- J.P. Pelzman

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Houston plays a number

Can No. 32 change running back's luck? He looks good in camp



June 16, 2007

Cedric Houston changed his uniform number in an effort to change his fortunes.

"It's a new start, that's how I'm looking at it," the Jets running back said of his 32 jersey after wearing 34 his first two years. So desperate for a new beginning was Houston that his new number doesn't even hold any significance to him; he simply asked which ones were open, 32 was the first one mentioned, and he grabbed it.

Now he's trying to grab some attention, a hard task playing behind newly acquired Thomas Jones and second-year back Leon Washington.

"I'm just trying to get the looks wherever the coaches give them to me and trying to make the team in August," Houston said. "When I do get in, I can't make mistakes and I have to get in and make something happen so the coaches can open their eyes."

That happened Thursday when Houston showed both athleticism and instinct. He was supposed to be the middle man on a reverse, handing the ball off to a sweeping receiver. But he felt pressure from behind and recognized that the reverse would be doomed, so he faked the handoff and held on to the ball. While most of the defense went for the fake, Houston came around the corner tucking the ball out of sight before making a cut on a cornerback and stiff-arming a safety for a big gain.

"A lot of things that we had talked about, he executed in that one play," Jets coach Eric Mangini said. "It's important that when you get called, you go in and do the right thing."

As long as Jones and Washington stay healthy, Houston probably won't have too many chances to shine once the season starts. He called the setbacks and obstacles of the last two years "growing pains" and is embracing the idea of a fresh start.

"I have to get out there, not think about getting hurt, not think about making mistakes," he said. "I just have to be fluid and go out there and play."

Notes & quotes: A day after Pete Kendall lambasted Jets management as unprofessional and uncommunicative, his agent took umbrage with a quote from an unnamed source who told Newsday that Kendall had the option of a one-year contract before the 2006 season. "It's a blatant lie," agent Neil Schwartz said. "The person who made the statement is cowardly to not put their name on it." Friday, the source clarified that Kendall was never specifically offered a one-year contract but he had the option to negotiate one. Kendall is seeking a million-dollar raise above the $1.7 million he is due to earn in 2007 and has asked the Jets to trade or release him. But Schwartz said it's not too late to repair the rift between the player and management, and if the Jets offered the contract Kendall is seeking, he would sign it. "It's always been about the money," Schwartz said ... S Kerry Rhodes missed practices for a second straight day tending to family business ... The Jets waived undrafted free-agent FB Jesse Allen.

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Healthy Chad now happy minicamper



Saturday, June 16th 2007, 4:00 AM

A year ago, Chad Pennington's twice-repaired throwing shoulder was under the minicamp microscope. Every throw was dissected. When he heaved a pass 40 yards in the air, it was considered big news, whether it found its target or not.

Now, enjoying his first rehab-free spring since 2004, the Jets quarterback has ratcheted up his personal expectations for the upcoming season. For a change, he doesn't have to worry about getting healthy; he can concentrate on getting better.

"Sometimes in the last few years, I knew where the ball needed to go, but I wasn't sure if it was going to go there," Pennington admitted yesterday during a break at the Jets' mandatory minicamp at Hofstra. "Sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldn't."

Pennington was just happy to be on the field last year, battling back from a career-threatening shoulder injury. He became a team inspiration, starting 16 games for the first time in his career and leading the Jets to the playoffs. On the downside, he threw a career-high 16 interceptions.

Now, after a full year in offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's system, Pennington believes he's better equipped to thrive in the offense. This spring, he is having a blast, trying to master the nuances of the scheme.

"I'm getting a lot out of being able to execute some of the finer details, the finer throws, the ball placement, the accuracy, and making those throws actually happen," he said. "Last year, I was just trying to make sure I could get on the field, call the plays and make as many throws as possible. This year, I have all the confidence in the world to make all the throws and all of the ball-placement throws we need to make.

"Last year, physically, it was just a slow process," Pennington continued. "Now I feel like I'm progressing physically and it's time to put the physical and the mental together."

Pennington split the reps evenly last summer with Patrick Ramsey, Brooks Bollinger and Kellen Clemens in what was billed as a four-way quarterback competition. Pennington will go into camp this summer as the starter, so his workload is expected to increase.

"I think Chad has had a really good offseason," said coach Eric Mangini, who believes Pennington is stronger and more flexible. "On the field, you can see him drawing on the experiences of last year, taking things and advancing the system."

Pennington always had a healthy outlook. Now he's got a healthy shoulder to back it up.

RE-PETE OFFENDER: Disgruntled LG Pete Kendall, who ripped the organization on Thursday, continued to work primarily with the second team. ... S Kerry Rhodes was excused again for personal reasons. ... Curtis Martin, expected to retire soon, made a brief appearance on the field as an observer.

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THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE: Thomas Jones' workout regimen caught the attention of backup Leon Washington, who says of his new Jets teammate, "We need to learn from him."June 16, 2007 -- Curtis Martin was on the field during drills yesterday at Jets minicamp, but he wasn't participating. Instead, he stood near Eric Mangini, offering insight to the head coach.

Because that is all Martin figures to be able to add to the team, the job of actually carrying the ball will largely go to Thomas Jones, who already has made an impression on both Mangini and his new teammates.

Prior to the start of minicamp, Leon Washington, like the rest of the team, was working out and saw Jones alongside him.

"We were doing lifting and conditioning and then some of us left," the second-year player said. "We came back and he was still there four hours after everybody else was gone. That's the type of leadership that's good for me and Cedric [Houston] to see. It makes us get extra work in."

Though no one will confuse Jones with Martin when he was in his prime, the success the former Bear had the past two seasons caught everyone's attention, almost as much as his work ethic.

Jones detailed some of his regimen yesterday, with the short sleeves on his jersey rolled up to show off the results.

"I work out Monday to Thursday and then have a personal trainer Friday and Saturday," Jones said. "I take Sunday off."

That will soon change. For Washington, the fact the eight-year pro got to the Super Bowl is all the evidence he needs that Jones' technique works.

"He played in the big game and he can help us get there," Washington said. "We need to learn from him."

Jones is coming off a season in which he rushed for 1,210 yards and six touchdowns. Washington led the Jets with 650 yards, sharing duties with Houston and Kevan Barlow. This year, Jones figures to get the majority of the carries.

"That's not a problem," Washington said. "If that's what gives us the best chance to win, that's fine."

Guard Pete Kendall was back on the practice field yesterday, but that doesn't mean he's any happier about being a Jet than he was Thursday, when he ripped the team.

"Nothing [has changed]," Kendall said. "Not on my end."

He and Jets management disagree whether there was an understanding that his contract would be redone this year. Kendall, who wants to add roughly $1 million to his $1.7 million contract, said he was not reprimanded for his comments.

"I don't think telling the truth is the type of conduct [that merits being punished]," Kendall said.

He also disputed the Jets' contention he was offered a one-year deal in addition to the four-year deal he signed.

"There were variations," Kendall said. "But not, to my recollection, a one-year deal."

QB Chad Pennington said he expects to be much more effective this season because he is healthier. "Last year, I was just trying to make sure I could get on the field, call the plays and make as many throws as possible," Pennington said. "This year, I have all the confidence in the world I can make all the throws." . . . Safety Kerry Rhodes missed practice again yesterday, with permission, for personal reasons. . . . About 10 soldiers from Fort Bragg (North Carolina) attended practice. Some of them participated in conditioning drills. . . . Mangini wouldn't elaborate on what Martin contributed yesterday: "Today wasn't a big coaching session for Curtis, but he's the type of guy where one conversation, one thing that he says, that may be the thing you draw from the next time you're out there."

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Healthy Pennington refining skills for 2007 season



(Original publication: June 16, 2007)

HEMPSTEAD - Chad Pennington always knew where the ball was supposed to be thrown. But there were times the past few seasons when his injury-wracked body couldn't deliver it properly.

"Last year I was just trying to make sure I could get on the field, make the calls and make as many throws as possible," Pennington said yesterday as the Jets conducted day two of their mandatory three-day mini-camp at Hofstra. "This year, I have all the confidence I can make all the throws and all the different type of ball-placement throws I have to make."

Pennington started 16 games for the first time in his career in 2006, after back-to-back years in which he suffered rotator-cuff injuries to his throwing shoulder.

So this offseason marks the first time since summer 2004 that he has been able to train properly rather than just rehabbing. As a result, he's added some muscle to his 6-foot-3 frame, if not additional weight above his 225 pounds.

Pennington has two other factors in his favor as he heads into his eighth NFL season and sixth as the Jets' No. 1 quarterback.

First, this is the team's second year under offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, so as Pennington said, he's trying to learn the finer details of the offensive system - not the system itself.

Second, this marks Brian Daboll's first season as quarterbacks coach after Schottenheimer had that added responsibility last season.

"The major difference is we have a set of eyes on us every play so we can get that direct feedback right there," said second-year quarterback Kellen Clemens, who is battling ex-Raider Marques Tuiasosopo to be Pennington's backup. "He's really monitoring the areas where we're excelling and the areas we need some help."

The 32-year-old Daboll came to the Jets after seven seasons with the Patriots, the last five as New England's wide-receivers coach. But when Jets coach Eric Mangini first started coaching the Patriots' defensive backs in 2000, Daboll was his assistant.

"Coach Daboll always seems one step ahead of you as far as preparation," Pennington said. "Whether it's another piece of game film he wants you to look at or another handout, he can preach those details to you where you can use him as a resource."

Mangini said he decided to have Schottenheimer pull double duty last season because Schottenheimer's "expertise was quarterbacks."

But Mangini wanted to hire a specific position coach this season, and Daboll's background on both sides of the ball, plus his history with Mangini, made him the choice from among a pool of candidates.

"He allows Brian Schottenheimer to be able to spend some more time with the different units, to spend some more time on the scripts, and it really advances the whole program," Mangini said. "I think that always has value when you've coached on both sides of the ball, to understand what things create problems, what techniques are played, what the other side's approach is to stopping things."

Notes: Left guard Pete Kendall reported no change in his situation a day after publicly demanding the Jets trade or release him. The disgruntled veteran said the team did not discipline him for speaking out. ... Justin McCareins, relegated to No. 3 wide receiver last season, said after the season ended that he wanted to play for a team that wanted him. Given the $3.9 million he was due in 2007, it was widely assumed the Jets would shop him. Yet Mangini has cited him as an offseason standout. "I guess I'm here, and it seems like I'm getting some good reps," McCareins said. "I'm a part of the offense, it seems like. I feel like I'm part of the group." ... Curtis Martin, the future Hall of Fame running back expected to retire soon, was on the field to observe practice and offer tips. ... Safety Kerry Rhodes again was excused from practice for personal reasons. ... The Jets waived undrafted free-agent fullback Jesse Allen from Virginia Tech.

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The day at Jets camp

Saturday, June 16, 2007



-- Third-year left guard Adrien Clarke, who has stepped in for an unhappy Pete Kendall, isn't just another big body. The organization is high on him as a possible long-term replacement for Kendall, who may be released or traded.

Clarke, 6-5, 330 pounds, was a four-year starter at Ohio State, where he played two seasons with Jets center Nick Mangold. After starting four games in 2005 with the Eagles, he sat out last season following lower back surgery.

The Jets signed Clarke, a seventh-round pick by Philadelphia in 2004, as a free agent this off-season. ...

-- QB Chad Pennington, who has looked extremely sharp, expects big things in Year Two of Brian Schottenheimer's offense.

"In the second year, you try to learn the finer details where you can make adjustments on the run ... details are what decides whether you win or lose," said Pennington.

-- Soon-to-be-retired RB Curtis Martin stopped by practice yesterday and gave pointers to the running backs during drills.

-- Former NFL offensive tackle Lomas Brown, a former Giant, is working with the Jets' offensive line during camp. He and second-year LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson have spent a lot of time together.

-- S Kerry Rhodes was excused for personal reasons. ... Soldiers from Fort Bragg, N.C., attended yesterday's workouts. Some even got playful reps on the scout team. ... The Jets yesterday waived rookie free-agent FB Jesse Allen (Virginia Tech).


Rookie WR Chansi Stuckey, a seventh-round pick who was fined for being out in the early morning with CB Justin Miller last month when Miller was charged with third-degree assault, made a pair of spectacular catches and is having a strong camp. ... TE Chris Baker is displaying good hands.


LB Andre Wadsworth, who is trying to make a comeback after a seven-year layoff, has looked slow. ... Rookie CB Darrelle Revis continues to have trouble fielding punts.

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Jets hope Coleman fits the scheme

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Star-Ledger Staff

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- It was right there on film. The Jets were looking for a defensive end who could play every down in their 3-4 scheme and couldn't believe their eyes.

Dallas Cowboys unrestricted free agent Kenyon Coleman was making plays. He was available. And he had the stamp of approval from none other than Bill Parcells, who is a mentor to Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

"We had done a lot of work and research on Kenyon," Tannenbaum said yesterday on Day 2 of the Jets' three-day, no-pads minicamp at Hofstra. "On film, we saw him in a similar defense, in a similar position and he improved each year. He kept getting bigger and stronger and that's a tribute to his work ethic.

"I try to bounce a lot of things off Coach Parcells. He did say nice things about Kenyon, about his work ethic. You could see him responding to the program in Dallas."

In desperate need of a quality defensive end to fit their 3-4 defense, the Jets were faced with the option of Coleman or Cleveland's Alvin McKinley on the free-agent market. They decided on Coleman, signing the career backup to a stunning five-year, $20.5 million deal that included $6 million guaranteed.

The Jets were forced to pay such a high price because Coleman was a hot commodity. Several teams, including the Browns, were interested.

Coleman, who is entering his fifth season, is expected to replace Kimo von Oelhoffen in the starting lineup. At 6-5, 295 pounds, he's expected to be a force against the run and the pass.

Coach Eric Mangini said Coleman "has excellent strength at the point of attack. That's what jumped out."

Last season, Coleman, 28, played 30 percent of the snaps, finishing with 31 tackles and four sacks. He has played behind first-round pick Marcus Spears the past two seasons. Before that, Coleman backed up first-round pick Greg Ellis for two seasons.

"It's just opportunity," said Coleman, who has 74 tackles and 6 1/2 sacks in 57 career games. "I've learned a lot but you get experience on the field. The way I look at it, God ordered my steps. It worked out perfectly. I just look forward to getting a chance here to do what I can do."

Coleman played four seasons for Parcells.

"He was going to get the best out of you," Coleman said. "He was going to work you hard. Not only that, but he prepared you for life. He put you in high-pressure situations. He demanded a lot of his players. He's a great, great coach."

Asked about his relationship with Parcells, Coleman said, "Honestly, through the years I don't think a lot was said, but obviously enough was said. He lets you know if you need to pick it up."

Coleman, who does ministry work to give back to the community, has played in the 3-4 the past four seasons under Parcells after being traded to Dallas from the Raiders. He spent one season in Oakland -- playing in one game on their Super Bowl team -- after being drafted in the fifth round out of UCLA.

"It's not so much the 3-4 or 4-3, I think it's what they want from you," Coleman said. "Some defenses they want you to get upfield. Some defenses they want you to play physical. I just think the defense here is a physical defense and that's what fits me."

Coleman admits he was surprised to strike it big in free agency after never being a full-time starter.

"To say I wasn't happy about the situation would be wrong," Coleman said. "I was glad that someone wanted to give me an opportunity and that's pretty much what free agency is about. I was in a situation where teams wanted to give me an opportunity. It was more a product of that rather than anything else.

"As far as the money goes, you play this game because you love to play. The money takes care of itself. The NFL can stand for Not For Long or Nice For Life. I'm just trying to make the most of my opportunity."

Dave Hutchinson may be reach at


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Rookie WR Chansi Stuckey, a seventh-round pick who was fined for being out in the early morning with CB Justin Miller last month when Miller was charged with third-degree assault, made a pair of spectacular catches and is having a strong camp.

Hopefully he will become that pain in the ass slot reciever we're missing..I like this guy.

Good Job SFJ!

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Hopefully he will become that pain in the ass slot reciever we're missing..I like this guy.

Good Job SFJ!

that's exactly what he looks like to me too BP a slot guy-ecurb's video from the other day showed me what this kid could be-hopefully he gets the roster spot...could be tough though with Revis doing his Justin Miller impersonations on punt returns

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Mangold has been hurt all spring...

Some good news on Chad... Looks like he is not only getting back into his 02' like form... but better... more experienced and stronger...

I'll believe it when I see it.

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I know. Tell him to put his pants on first.

You have to be at least a little excited to hear he got stronger... and to hear about a long TD to coles and a 30 yard TD to Jmac during minicamp...

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You have to be at least a little excited to hear he got stronger... and to hear about a long TD to coles and a 30 yard TD to Jmac during minicamp...

That's what I've been saying since the season ended ec-with an off-season to NOT have to be rehabbing he was going to get stronger,and pix at JI confirm he HAS bulked up some...of course Tex and his minions over at there are spouting off the same BS-ya know making stuff up that's hard to check out stats for

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That's what I've been saying since the season ended ec-with an off-season to NOT have to be rehabbing he was going to get stronger,and pix at JI confirm he HAS bulked up some...of course Tex and his minions over at there are spouting off the same BS-ya know making stuff up that's hard to check out stats for

What thread are those pictures and that fight in? I would like to take a look... but dont feel like finding it over there...

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