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Mauled the mail box when I got home. Sanity, please! Imagine the Jets giving me sanity. Only bills, advertisements, and local happenings. I hate local stuff with a passion to the hilt these days. Why do they even bother to tell me? I voice my opinion, so whatever as to Penny Socials and bake sales. What I say,basically immaterial. I make a habit of throwing 'Town Meeting' notices in the trash now, because I've learned it doesn't matter. Tax me for breathing, even when I don't have kids and voted down the current HS four years back. Tax me for border patrol. Yah, I beg you.

Let's see now...Build a new school on wetlands, ignore the acreage where the current school sits....Expand? Easy, but no, nah, why? Oh, wait...Some investor (and I love free enterprise, mind you), had 2,000 acres from 1975 that he flipped behind closed doors. It was dirty. School gets approved, 400 exclusive homes will get built because of greasy palms. You'll never know the half of it. I want out of this corrupt cr*p hole. Yesterday. Imagine paying enormous school taxes when you don't have kids on a plan you vehemently voted against. My house is a matchbox, and because it falls under a particular jurisdiction, it's like I live in Malibu.

So....looking forward to a LI return address with a $4 handling fee. And that rankles me, too.

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Did you go outside and place them on a picnic bench for any particular reason?

Typical Mass. artsy bull****.

Did you have a bad morning? A few things for you:

1). The picture was taken inside

2). That is not a picnic bench

3). Calling me artsy is a stretch to say the least

If you really want to know here is what happened. Took me about 2 minutes total:

1). Put tickets on table

2). Take picture

3). Upload pic to photobucket

4). Post pic on JN

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Finally got mine today. I got scr*wed out of a fridge magnet last year. I'm thinking I didn't get one this year because they're charging more and giving less. As in not doing it anymore...?

Anyway, got 'em, and happiness is a warm pee-pee.

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Thats good to know. One other thing, how did they break them up, is there one pass per game or is it a pass the is re-usable for each week of the season.

Thanks for the info.

They're included if you paid the $150. One pass per game, and you have to use the right pass for the right game. Valid for all Lots except 9, 11 & 15. Check out the fine print: "The one car, one spot policy will be strictly enforced. Violation of this rule may result in the expulsion from the parking lot and/or stadium or revocation of season tickets." :bag:

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