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Brian Schottenheimer Press Conf (Transcript): 08/15 - Wed


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Following is the transcript of Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's informal interview with beatwriters following Wednesday's afternoon training camp practice. A transcript of defensive coordinator Bob Sutton's informal interview will be posted early Thursday morning.


I have the night out off, I think, I hope, so I am going to try to take advantage of it.

On which running back is making the most impact

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Wow, if it werent for Kendall, I'd be very suspicious as to whether or not Mangini installed a chip into the minds' of all of his players and assistant coaches that tells them what to say.

Well Brian has the experience of watching his Dad with the media all those years. So he was bred for this. I agree though -- none of these guys seem to say too much even when they are allowed to "speak".

The media must be hating life, they finally get the assistants and can't score a headline out of it.

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