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Simeon Rice Released by Broncos

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The Chargers traded down to a top 5 pick, and managed to get another top 10 pick the following year on both those trades I believe. I know the Eli trade they took Rivers with the #4 and then had another high pick, which they used on Merriman. But if you take LT off that team they don't even win 6 games a season. Rivers certainly isn't going to be winning any games for the team, and steroid boy had a hand in giving up 300 rushing yards so he certainly isn't winning those games either.

So what are the chances that we net two top 10 first round picks? If we can get a top 5 and a top 10 for the pick yeah fine i guess we can do it, but we damn well better get an LT out of it or else we are not going to come out ahead. Instead we'll probably get a D-Rob, Vilma, or Brick again. Do you honestly think that compares to grabbing LT, Rivers and Merriman? I don't know who else they used a high pick on but even just those 3 absolutely kills what we've done in the past, and what usually happens on a trade down.

You rip merriman, then you say he is good in the same post?

Rivers looks a lot like a bust right now too, so not sure your point there. All drafts are not the same, as you know, from what i hear of this draft there will be good O-linemen which is just what we need. I realize we took two in the first round two years back, but to improve we may have to spend another high pick on a RT, and still bring in Faneca.

This also depends on us getting a trade partner. I have a feeling that if DMC is on the board we will trade down in the first and get a first the following year, among other late rounders. That would be a great scenario, we still get a high pick, and can continue building towards the future.

DMC won't do much as a jet, there is just no where to run. We have so many terrible holes to fill.

I hate being a Jets fan.

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the Chargers basically did what you are saying the Jets should do. They took the stud RB (by trading down, and aquiring picks), but then had to wait for nearly 5 seasons before they were a very competitive team. They didn't become competitive because of LT, they got there by filling in NT, their D-ends, good offensive line, an all pro TE.

If we do take McFadden, we will have to sit through countless ****ty seasons to fill in around him. What if that takes more than 5 years? McFadden could want out of new york so bad that we never have him when we are actually good.

I say pass on McFadden, load up picks, build a team.

The big difference in this draft is that the talent isn't there. Not nearly close to what it was when SD made that trade. This year we need to get talent, we just need it. By drafting McFadden we are getting the most talented palyer available IMO. I'd be all up for trading down if there was quality 3-4 NT's or 3-4 LB's available but guys, there really isn't. Thats the sad truth of this draft, it aint gonna fix all our problems.

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