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Strahan a HOFer?


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research that position, and he's not even the best in the past 15 years. Reggie.

Different times. Reggie was great in the late 80's and early 90's. He had some good years in the mid 90s with the Packers, but nothing like those he had with the Eagles. Yeah the Pack won a super bowl and he helped them get there, but his years with the Eagles were dominant, his years with the Pack were just good. And by the time Strahan was in his prime, there really wasn't anybody else as good as him.

I don't think he can be called the greatest ever, but by the time Strahan started to come into his own, Reggie White was retired.

Strahan broke the single season sack record, even though that last one was kind of lame against Favre, and he went to two super bowls and one won. I'd say he's a HOF no doubt. Not close to being best ever, but when he played, he was one of the top defensive players.

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