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I would have been gone for a CTBNL...


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Name: Andrew

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Tall and strong, but not a very appealing boy in appearance.

Medical History: Can drink milk without issue, not allergic to bees, mold or cats, and enjoys going outside all the time. May have a bit of the Leukemia, but God doesn’t make mistakes so he’s just perfect for somebody out there.

Strengths: Has a lot of fun with basketball games like Horse, and makes the very most of every single day as if it was his last. Rarely complains of pain in his bones and is kind even to butterflies and house flies.

Weaknesses: Kind heart often overshadowed by the weakness of his heart. CAT scan shows a large, bright spot on his heart. May be nothing but all the doctors say it could also be maybe a 15-pound tumor, whatever that means. It’s probably nothing. Also he doesn’t stand very good without a lot of help and he usually pees more white blood cells than urine, but that’s kind of charming to some loving parents, right?

Agency Comments: Boy is very effeminate. Not recommended for parents looking to butch-up the family mix, but shows strong inclination towards arts and crafts. Unlikely to instigate schoolyard fights.

Desired Trade: Any / negotiable. Make offer. Might do outright sale or outright purchase but we are highly motivated to move this one.


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Name: Emily Age: 11

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Curly black hair, black eyes, dark complexion and full lips.

Medical History: Recessive carrier for sickle cell anemia.

Strengths: Excellent at dancing. Very good singer. Shows early aptitude in athletics. Very outgoing and loud, especially in movie theaters. Not Puerto Rican, that

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1. Am I making an impulsive decision? Has my kid done something recently to cause this, or has he/she really earned it?

2. Am I making my decision based on what another in a similar situation has done, even understanding that their success and joy may be atypical?

3. Am I making my decision based on a pro or anti-trading propaganda, specifically something I might have seen on YouTube?

4. Am I trying to please my spouse or someone else with my decision? If so, that can be OK.

5. Have I considered what is in the best interest of my child? If you have, maybe you shouldn

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