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Preseason Report Card Jets vs Redskins

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The only complaints I have are trying to kick the field goal to tie. (Go for the win. Or a loss. Overtime should be avoided in the preseason). Also, I thought the play got in late I was screaming -- 10 seconds, Ratliff was just headed back to the huddle. Not sure who lost the time there. But not sure why they would go for it on 3rd and 5 with one time out and not with and 5 with no time outs (5 seconds remaining).

A quick slant to the end zone is either a TD or an incomplete. You either win or don't need the time out with the clock stopping on 4th down. Multiple parties dropped the ball at the end here. But they did a good job otherwise.

Also the backs seemed to be about a C like you said. I was hoping to be more impressed with Jesse and Musa last in the game.

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I think Clemens is clearly looking like the 3rd-best QB on the team in terms of production, but would everyone still be ripping him a new one if the receivers didn't drop 4 passes that hit them in their hands & he went 9-for-12 on those passes?

Only thing I don't know, because I didn't watch that closely, is who was really to blame for him tripping twice on his center? Did he trip over a foot that's not supposed to be there, or is he just a klutz who would find something else to slip on? I didn't TIVO the game so I can't watch again.


Mangini post-game comments: http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/articles/show/2370-postgame-locker-room-quotes

On if it will be difficult to evaluate QB Kellen Clemens in this game…

The drops are something we talked about at halftime. We had a bunch of opportunities in the first half. Three drops would have been first downs. We didn’t have a very good third-down conversion rate offensively. We were 5-for-15. We could have easily had eight or nine third-down conversions had we held on to the ball. That is a tough evaluation. The ball was there and it was definitely catchable. When [Clemens] fell down, that was more a function of the center stepping on his foot than the turf getting him.

On Clemens…

If the center steps on his foot twice, it’s not going to look very good. I’ll have to look at the decision-making, where he went with the ball, things like that. It’s just a pretty unique set of circumstances there. It makes it harder to evaluate that part.

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