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Seattle's Moyer rejects deal to Yanks supposedly


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M's notebook: Sources say Moyer rejects move to Yanks

By Bob Finnigan

Seattle Times staff reporter

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Jamie Moyer

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Yesterday, for the second time in the past 10 days, the Mariners came close to parting with pitcher Jamie Moyer.

According to East Coast sources, the Yankees put in a waiver claim for the left-hander but could not get an agreement from him to switch teams under his 10-5 rights

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BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA! It is SO funny that for $208 mil, you get Al Leiter, Tim Redding and Sean Henn as your staff. Losers. ANd now Moyer won't even let you pay him $8 mil to come here. He's probably afraid Stottlemyre will ruin his motion.

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