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I think Maclin is risky.

Im just scared of the receivers in the Big 12. Especially the fact that the 2 best rated WR are from that conference. A conference that was totally exposed in the Bowl Games.

Crabtree has all the tools to be the rea. deal. Maclin IMO screams Peter Warrick. I dont knon if he is going to be able to get of the LOS against physical backs in the NFL.

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I don't even know where to start with how many things need to be fixed or won't happen. first off the Lions got the 20 pick from the cowboys.

Andre Smith will no longer be in the Top 10.

Rey Maualuga is definitely a 1st round pick

and it's highly unlikely the chiefs will take crabtree knowing how Pioli with his time in NE just doesn't draft receivers in the 1st round

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