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The Young Pitchers of the AL East


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Price, Buchholz, Hughes, Lester. Probably your top 4 contenders for CY Young. Mix in Dandy Andy and it will be an interesting race. Lester and Andy are the only one who have really gone through an entire season. It'll be interesting to see how the others make it through.

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Walks & Hits per IP

1. Jimenez (COL) .896

2. Wainwright (STL) .943

3. Fister (SEA) .962

4. Cain (SFG) .996

5. Cecil (TOR) 1.006

6. Halladay (PHI) 1.032

7. Marcum (TOR) 1.045

8. Hughes (NYY) 1.052

9. Latos (SDP) 1.055

10. Carpenter (STL) 1.078


Walks & Hits per IP *



2. Cecil*(TOR)


3. Marcum*(TOR)


4. Hughes*(NYY)


5. Vargas*(SEA)


6. Braden*(OAK)


7. Niemann*(TBR)


8. Weaver*(LAA)


9. Verlander*(DET)


10. Lester*(BOS)


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The best under 28 arms in the division:

1: Lester - The only lefties with stuff on his level are Brett Anderson and David Price.

2: Buchholz - Big fan since I got banned on JI for saying he had ace upside. Better fastball/change combo than Hughes, and better at ground balls.

3: Price - He'll be the best pitcher in the division in 3 years.

4: Hughes - Reminds me of a large version of Mike Mussina. I like his style.

5. Matusz - Lefty with 4 pitches that are at least above average...

6. Garza - Strikes me as a guy who can be a workhorse 2/3 type on a championship caliber club.

7. Romero - His only is that I'm not sure if he'll last. Good stuff lefty who knows how to pitch and win. I never thought I'd actually use that sentence seriously.

8. Morrow - When he's on he's really, really nasty as the Yankees saw today. I like the arm and the mechanics.

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