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It’s not time for a suicide watch, it’s time for a suicide pact.


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I was tempted to shoot up a little SOJ last night, slink into a corner and let the pain dissipate and the buzz rush in. Before I tied off, I had to ask myself, self, are we the dumbest, least disciplined Jets team in decades? Can Edwards, Dustin Keller and Cromartie really be as stupid as they looked last night? Did Cotchery inherit his hands from Roberto Duran? Is Shone Greene really going to make us yearn for the days when Kevin Barlow was our feature back? Is Mark Sanchez going to continuously crap in his diapers or is he ready to go Commando like a real man? Is Rex Ryan really going to play ground and pound while his O Line is doing the Macarena before each snap of the ball? As putrid and pathetic as that performance was, I cannot go back on the juice without a fight.

Next week we play the Pats and I freaking hate the Pats. I hate the Uniform, the owner, the HC. I hate Phil Sims and Jim Nantz because they sound like teenage girls in a tweeter when they talk about the Tom Brady and the Pats. I hate living in CT because it’s in NE. I hate Clam Chowder, Paul Revere and the Kennedy’s because they remind me of the Pats. The thing I hate most about the Pats is losing a big game to them when it matters. Yea I know it’s only game 2 and it’s a long season. No reason to put so much pressure on the team so early. Plenty of time to gel and make a run to the playoffs, and on the last game of the season watch both the games and get on the super computer that figures out the tie breakers that might get us an invitation for a shot at the gauntlet that leads to Super Bowl glory.

By 7:15PM on Sunday night if we lose this game, if Sanchez has diaper rash, if Cromartie shows he can’t cover anything without grabbing hold of it, if Wes Welker eats Wilsons brain and spits it out on the Meadowlands field turf this team could be in a two game hole to the Pats and Dolphins. Our ground and pound, defense our way to the SB plan just another script crumpled up and thrown in the trash bin of life. More garbage to be burned, buried or left as yet another eye soar on the side of the road.

I’ve kicked the SOJ, this year is Super Bowl or bust for me and if it’s bust it might as well be now. Suicide watch, we don’t need no stinking suicide watch what we need is a Suicide Pact.

This is the thread for the real Jets fans the ones that are going to put it all on the line Sunday afternoon, have their rope at the ready, sleeping pill prescription refilled, cyanide capsule implanted, electric chair plugged in, warm bath drawn with razor blades ready, gun loaded, car in the garage running with the windows up, Stove on with the pilot light off, Seppuku sword at hand, ready to do the right thing should we lose this game. This is the season, no excuses no BS all in. This is the game where the butterflies are going all day the expectations of a battle coming down to the last few seconds with everything hanging in the balance. This is the game real Jets fans have been waiting for.

Besides the fans, I expect the team and especially our trash talking fat F**K Head Coach to be all in. If the Jets don’t win on Sunday I want to see Ryan’s head explode right on the sidelines rather than shake hands with the cheating, POS, 3X SB winning HC. Because he’s not here to kiss BB's rings, he’s here to win SB and the only way to do that is to figure out a way for this highly talented team to beat the living snot out the New England Patriots come Sunday afternoon.

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