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2014 New York Jets Mock Drafts


Who will the Jets draft with their 1st round pick?  

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  1. 1. With the 18th overall pick, the NY Jets select:

    • Eric Ebron
    • Jace Amaro
    • Marqise Lee
    • Mike Evans
    • Brandin Cooks
    • C.J. Mosley
    • Trade up, Johnny Manziel
    • Trade up, Sammy Watkins
    • Trade up, Terry Bridgewater
    • Trade up, Jadeveon Clowney
    • A different player
    • I don't know

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UPDATED! 1/21/2014


Here is my early 2014 mock draft for the New York Jets. Feel free to post your own, or leave comments, opinions, and all types of feedback. Please keep in mind though this is before free agency and the combine; I'm making these picks under the assumption we will fill needs with players in free agency. Also, I'm assuming ranks will change post combine. (Update: Under the mock draft I posted my free agent acquisitions and explanations to help assess free agency in the off season as well as my mock draft. Please check it out and let me know what you think.)   


New York Jets 2014 Mock Draft 1/17/14


Rd.1 Pick 18: Eric Ebron TE North Carolina - Whether it’s Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, or someone else as the starting QB in 2014, one thing is for sure; the Jets sorely need playmakers on offense particularly at WR and TE. In Geno’s defense 2013 wasn’t a truly fair evaluation of his ability to run a NFL offense seeing as he can’t throw the ball to himself. Jeremy Kerley led the team in receiving yards for a second year in a row with 523, not exactly top notch. Kerley is a 3rd string slot receiver, maybe a 2nd string at best. Kellen Winslow was a 1 year experiment that didn’t pan out, he will be gone next year; they will most likely hold on to Jeff Cumberland who could become a solid #2. Ebron has 1,805 career receiving yards and 8 TDs; he almost amassed 1,000 in his senior year. When it comes to the tight end position Ebron can do it all: he can run crisp and quick routes, has good hands, can block well, and is a deep/end zone threat. Ebron would be a huge upgrade to this lacking offense.


Rd.2 Pick 17: Brett Smith QB Wyoming - I’m going to shake things up a bit with this pick; I may be a little biased on this one seeing as I’m currently a student at UW but it does make sense. Since the entire crop of top tier rated QBs will be off the board in the 1st round, Brett Smith is a solid investment for a 2nd rounder. I know it might be hard to imagine Idzik&Co. making a repeat move drafting a QB in the 2nd round, but Idzik acknowledged they would be looking at QBs. Many projections have Smith being the only QB to go in the 2nd round; some have 1 or 2 others. Smith broke records during his junior year at UW. He has 8,829 career passing yards, and 76 TDs to 28INTs. Smith is a legitimate rushing threat as well. He has 1,531 career rushing yards, and 20 TDs. Drafting Smith makes it much easier to dump Sanchez to save some money as well as upgrade the position; it would also make for a fiery QB competition come next season.


Rd.3 Pick 5*: Paul Richardson WR Colorado - I have an asterisk next to this pick because the placement of the pick received from Tampa depends on Darrelle Revis being on their roster come March, I’m assuming he will be. If Revis is cut from Tampa’s roster before early March then the 3rd rounder received from the Bucs will become the 4th pick in the 4th round. Paul Richardson would be a steal in the 3rd round. He’s projected to go late 2nd to early 3rd, but with the depth of the WR class I’d wager he’ll still be on the board. Richardson has 2,412 career receiving yards, and 21 TDs. 1,343 of those yards and 10 of the touchdowns came this year ending his college career on a high note. With Ebron starting at TE and other possible TE and WR additions in free agency this would strongly increase the potency of the Jets’ offense. Even if Richardson isn’t as effective as the Jets would like right away, he would make a good kick returner or possibly a wildcat experiment.


Rd.3 Pick 16: Marcus Smith DE Louisville - Many projections had Smith going as low as the 5th round, but due to his strong finish at the end of the season his stock has soared. Smith is a versatile talent, and would fit Rex Ryan’s scheme like a glove. Both the 3-4 and 4-3 defense would suit Smith well; he could even play standing up and could possibly fill the hole left by Calvin Pace at the OLB position across from Quinton Coples. Smith finished his senior year with a whopping 15 sacks, 5 more than the other 3 years he’s played combined. He followed it up with 4 forced fumbles (2 recovered), 19 tackles for a loss, and 3 pass deflections. Smith is a raw talent, but he has all the intangibles to be a force to be reckoned with. He can rush the passer, and also drop into coverage if need be. One fun fact about Smith is he even played some quarterback, one could call him a poor man’s Sheldon Richardson. Something tells me Rex Ryan would be ecstatic to get Smith on board.


Rd.4 Pick 15: Andre Williams RB Boston College - Andre Williams would be the perfect complement back to make a 1 – 2 punch with Chris Ivory, and Bilal Powell as the 3rd down back. Williams really came onto the scene his senior year, with 2,177 rushing yards and 18 TDs. His career stats are 3,739 rushing yards, and 28 TDs, he was fairly irrelevant before his senior year. He has a similar style to Ivory, more of a between-the-blocks power rusher; this would leave the backfield pass catching responsibility to Powell. With an Ivory-Williams combo, gang green would really be able to revive the ground and pound game to complement the renewed passing attack.


Rd.5 Pick 14: Rashaad Reynolds CB Oregon State - With Antonio Cromartie’s status up in the air the Jets need to sure up the CB position. Cromartie will either test free agency, or restructure his contract; there is no way the Jets will pay almost 15 million for a CB who had the kind of season Cromartie did. Cromartie has said he wants to retire a Jet, but unless he is willing to take a significantly lesser pay check the chances aren’t in his favor to return to NY. Even if the Jets retain Cromartie they could use more depth in the secondary. Reynolds is a great playmaker, and ball hawking corner. The aggressive corner finished his colligate career with some impressive stats: 147 solo tackles, 218 total tackles, 6 tackles for a loss, 1 sack, 10 INTs, 2 forced and recovered fumbles both of which he returned for TDs, as well as 25 passes defended. 6 of his INTs, and both fumbles returned for TDs were in his senior year. He also spent some time returning punts and kicks. Reynolds would be another steal in the 5th round, and the Jets could improve the depth of their 22nd ranked pass defense.


Rd.6 Pick 19: John Urschel OG Penn State - The only part of the New York Jets’ roster that is more solid than the O-line is the D-line. With that being said, the only real weakness is at the guard position. Free agents this offseason on the Jets’ O-line include: Austin Howard (RT), Willie Colon (RG), and Vladimir Ducasse (OG). It’s pretty safe to say Howard will be back with a new deal next year seeing as he has been a very solid tackle. Colon brought fire and a good work ethic to the team, but he tore his bicep in the final game of the season which complicates the situation. Ducasse is a complete bust and will almost definitely be gone next year. Even if Colon is back next year, Urschel would make a good backup or competition for the position since LG Brian Winters was somewhat shaky in his rookie season. Urschel, the 317 lb. prospect ranks 12 out of 284 OGs in his class, and runs a 5.27 40 which isn’t bad for a lineman his size. Urschel was also elected All-American his senior year.


Rd.7 Pick 18: Tre’ Boston FS North Carolina - Considering Tre’ has 281 total tackles, 169 solo tackles, 3 FFs, and 13 INTs it’s pretty mind blowing he is projected to go in the 7th round or possibly even be undrafted. He also has a passing and kick return touchdown, wildcat anyone? With Ed Reed a free agent and a rising star in Antonio Allen Tre’ would be a great addition to the safety mix. Another addition to the questionable secondary would round out an overall solid draft for Idzik&Co.


Summary: This offseason looks to be a promising one for gang green if Idzik and the front office play their cards right. Aside from their 8 regular picks, the Jets are also looking at 4 compensatory picks as well. Right now the Jets are hovering around 20 million dollars in cap space; if they cut or trade Sanchez, Cromartie, and Holmes that number could double to about 40 million. That would make for some serious spending money; which means they can splurge in free agency to fill their needs and follow it up with a strong talent-based draft. This is a fairly early mock, with a little over 3 months until the draft. I will post updated ones as we get closer following free agency, and the combine. Check out the FA acquisitions under this section as well! Thanks for reading.


Free Agent Acquisitions 1/21/2014


QB: Well this is one position we know Idzik and the Jets are going to address in the off season. Honestly in my opinion the Jets should draft another QB rather than pull one out of the scrap heap. It’s not exactly a tantalizing group of QBs in free agency this year; the only real standout is Michael Vick. With that being said, I’ll list my possible fits for the Jets. Tim Tebow… Just kidding, don’t send me death threats please. Seriously though, the only real fit I’d see for the Jets out of this year’s QB free agent group is Vick. Vick could not only mentor Geno, but could take the reins if things go south for the 2nd year QB. Who knows, maybe he’d even be the starter by the time the season beings; again though I think the Jets need to stay younger at QB and even if Vick beat out Smith it’d be a short term solution. There are a couple other candidates, but they’re mostly backup talent right now. Other possibilities include: Tarvaris Jackson, Colt McCoy, Chad Henne, and possibly a reunion with former Jets QB Kellen Clemens, as well as David Garrard who could retire next year. Tarvaris Jackson is poor man’s Mike Vick; while Colt McCoy, Chad Henne, and Kellen Clemens would fit in the West Coast pretty well.


Best fits: 1) Michael Vick 2) Chad Henne 3) Kellen Clemens 4) Colt McCoy 5) Tarvaris Jackson 6) David Garrard*


Most likely: 1) Michael Vick 2) Chad Henne 3) Tarvaris Jackson 4) Kellen Clemens 5) Colt McCoy 6) David Garrard*


 (Just to make it clear the first list “Best fits” is a list showing the order of the best free agent fits at that position for the Jets roster, the second “Most likely” is a list of the free agents the Jets will most likely sign to the roster.)


* = An unrestricted free agent currently on the Jets roster.


RB: This is a very deep free agent class for RBs. Honestly I could list over 10 RBs that I’d like to see on the Jets roster next season, but I’ll keep it to 6. It’s probably a stretch at best because of the hefty contract he would require but if the Jets managed to nab MJD (Maurice Jones-Drew) it’d be game changing. I know he’s had a couple of difficult years, but who wouldn’t if they were playing for the Jaguars. I know some Jets fans will get mad at me for saying it, but I think he could have potential to be as big of an asset for the Jets as Curtis Martin. While that might be a pipe dream, there are some other RBs who could be more of a reality. Other good fits would be: Darren McFadden, Knowshon Moreno, Ben Tate, LeGarrette Blount, and Leon Washington. I think Ben Tate would be a great fit, but he would most likely be in the too expensive class with MJD. Darren McFadden would be a big upgrade over Mike Goodson who would both be coming in from the Raiders, and Knowshon Moreno from the Broncos would be a nice pick up but both of these RBs would still have a large price tag; not as large as MJD and Tate but possibly still over the Jets’ spending limit for this position. Blount would be a good compliment back to Ivory for the 1 - 2 punch, and it’s always nice taking a player from the Patriots. Leon Washington is a former Jet, Patriot, and Seahawk. He is tied with Josh Cribbs for most returns for an active player in the league; he’d make for a good 3rd down back and kick returner and would come pretty cheap.


Best fits: 1) MJD 2) Darren McFadden 3) Ben Tate 4) Leon Washington 5) LeGarrette Blount 6) Knowshon Moreno


Most likely: 1) Darren McFadden 2) LeGarrette Blount 3) Leon Washington 4) Knowshon Moreno 5) MJD 6) Ben Tate


FB: Honestly there is really no market for a FB this off season, not that there ever is a large one. With Tommy Bohanon I’d say the Jets aren’t in the market for one anyway. One fun fact is that Lex Hilliard one of 4 or 5 FB free agents is a Jet, it’s possible they could re-sign him for some depth but highly unlikely. Other FB free agents include: John Kuhn, Greg Jones, and Erik Lorig.


Best fits: 1) Lex Hilliard* 2) John Kuhn 3) Greg Jones 4) Erik Lorig


Most likely: 1) Lex Hilliard* 2) Greg Jones 3) John Kuhn 4) Erik Lorig


WR: There are quite a few ex-Jets on the market this off season; I guess that shouldn’t be very surprising since the Jets go through receivers like a knife through butter. Ex-Jets on the market include: Jerricho Cotchery, Santana Moss, Plaxico Burress, and Braylon Edwards. If you count Jets on the current roster Cribbs also makes the list. In my opinion the Jets will hit the FA market, and the draft for the WR position. In a perfect world I’d like the Jets to sign all of the ex-Jets minus Plaxico. Cotchery’s nickname should be Clutchery, Santana Moss is a former draft pick and solid WR for the Jets, and Braylon was signed then cut then re-signed by the Jets 3 or 4 times. Braylon was one of the best WRs on the roster and in a classic Jets move they cut him in the preseason; the chances of him coming back now are slim to none but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Eric Decker headlines the list of WR free agents, and there has been some talk of the Jets being interested in him. Decker would also require a hefty salary, but just think of the upgrade it’d be for this offense. Hakeem Nicks, Anquan Boldin, and Golden Tate are other interesting possibilities, they’d all come with sizeable contracts though. Hakeem Nicks has been rumored to be interested in the Jets, and one would think the interest is mutual. It could be a similar situation for Nicks, Staying in NY and having a good slot receiver behind him in Jeremy Kerley. Other WR possibilities for the Jets include: Julian Edelman, Jacoby Jones, Dexter McCluster, Kenny Britt, Ted Ginn, Austin Collie, Mario Manningham, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Domenik Hixon. Another Patriot we could take from Belichick would be Edelman; another poor man’s comparison would be Edelman and Welker. Although unlikely I think it’d be a great move for the Jets. McCluster and Ginn would be a good choice if Cribbs isn’t back next year. Jacoby Jones would be a solid pickup; Britt, Collie, Manningham, Hixon, and Heyward-Bey would be good fits, but then we would still need to draft a legitimate #1 receiver.


Best fits: 1) Hakeem Nicks 2) Jerricho Cotchery 3) Eric Decker 4) Anquan Boldin 5) Braylon Edwards 6) Austin Collie 7) Darrius Heyward-Bey 8) Santana Moss 9) Josh Cribbs* 10) Dexter McCluster 11) Ted Ginn 12) Jacoby Jones 13) Kenny Britt 14) Golden Tate 15) Julian Edelman 16) Domenik Hixon 17) Mario Manningham 18) Plaxico Burress


Most likely: 1) Eric Decker 2) Hakeem Nicks 3) Darrius Heyward-Bey 4) Kenny Britt 5) Josh Cribbs* 6) Ted Ginn 7) Anquan Boldin 8) Jerricho Cotchery 9) Dexter McCluster 10) Golden Tate 11) Santana Moss 12) Austin Collie 13) Jacoby Jones 14) Domenik Hixon 15) Julian Edelman 16) Mario Manningham 17) Braylon Edwards 18) Plaxico Burress


TE: Obviously there will be teams going for Jimmy Graham like sharks attracted to blood, provided he even hits the market. If he does, and the Jets get him it would also be a game changing move; the Jets are in dire need of a game changer on the offensive side of the ball. There are a decent amount of ex-Jets at the TE position in the free agent market as well. Ex-Jets in free agency at TE include: Dustin Keller, Ben Hartsock, Matthew Mulligan, Kellen Winslow, and Jeff Cumberland if you include free agents on the current roster. Other possible acquisitions include: Dennis Pitta, Brandon Pettigrew, Fred Davis, Anthony McCoy, Dallas Clark, Bear Pascoe, Ed Dickson, and Brandon Myers. It’d be interesting to get a reunion with DK (Dustin Keller,) but obviously the chances of that are slim to none. Hartsock and Mulligan are 3rd stringers maybe 2nd at best so there is no inclination to sign them. Kellen Winslow was more of a distraction then he was worth and will be gone, Cumberland would make a good #2 so I’d wager he’ll be back. Dennis Pitta would be a solid starting TE for the Jets if they’re willing to pull out the check book. Pettigrew and Davis could be seen as a #1 but wouldn’t make nearly as much impact as Graham or Pitta, although they’d come cheaper. McCoy, Clark, Pascoe, Dickson, and Myers could be contributors that would come relatively cheap; this would mean there is a good chance the Jets go tight end early in the draft i.e. Eric Ebron, Jace Amaro.


Best fits: 1) Jimmy Graham 2) Dustin Keller 3) Fred Davis 4) Jeff Cumberland* 5) Dennis Pitta 6) Anthony McCoy 7) Brandon Pettigrew 8) Ed Dickson 9) Matthew Mulligan 10) Bear Pascoe 11) Ben Hartsock 12) Brandon Myers 13) Dallas Clark 14) Kellen Winslow*


Most likely: 1) Jeff Cumberland* 2) Fred Davis 3) Dennis Pitta 4) Anthony McCoy 5) Brandon Pettigrew 6) Ed Dickson 7) Bear Pascoe 8) Brandon Myers 9) Dustin Keller 10) Dallas Clark 11) Matthew Mulligan 12) Ben Hartsock 13) Jimmy Graham 14) Kellen Winslow*


OT: I’d bet Austin Howard’s entire contract that he will be back with a new deal next year… Well, if I even had that much. With that being said other offensive tackles that might interest the Jets include: Michael Oher, Bryant McKinnie, Tyson Clabo, Jeremy Trueblood, and David Diehl. Since Austin Howard will most likely be back I’d say all of these OTs are a long shot, but if he isn’t back that changes things.


Best fits: 1) Austin Howard* 2) Jeremy Trueblood 3) Tyson Clabo 4) Michael Oher 5) Bryant McKinnie 6) David Diehl


Most likely: 1) Austin Howard* 2) Michael Oher 3) Jeremy Trueblood 4) Tyson Clabo 5) Bryant McKinnie 6) David Diehl


OG: Both Willie Colon and Vlad Ducasse are free agents this year; the difference between the two of them is that Willie Colon is a solid lineman, and Ducasse is a complete bust. Unfortunately for Colon he tore his pectoral muscle at the end of the season, hurting his chance for a return next year. Other than Colon, here are other guards that may interest the Jets: Zane Beadles, Kevin Boothe, Jon Asamoah, and Richie Incognito. Obviously the bullying scandal will hurt Incognito’s chances to find another team. Beadles, Boothe, and Asamoah would all be solid additions.


Best fit: 1) Willie Colon* 2) Zane Beadles 3) Richie Incognito 4) Kevin Boothe 5) Jon Asamoah 6) Vlad Ducasse*


Most likely: 1) Willie Colon* 2) Kevin Boothe 3) Jon Asamoah 4) Zane Beadles 5) Richie Incognito 6) Vlad Ducasse*


C: With Nick Mangold starting at center the Jets won’t be in the market for a center, possibly a backup but that’s about it. Since the Jets won’t be in the market for a starting center, the only ones that will make this list are the lesser centers. Most likely the Jets won’t acquire a center in free agency, but centers that could interest the Jets as a backup include: Rob Turner (an ex-Jet,) Roberto Garza, Dan Koppen, and Chris Spencer.


Best fit: 1) Rob Turner 2) Dan Koppen 3) Chris Spencer 4) Roberto Garza


Most likely: 1) Rob Turner 2) Roberto Garza 3) Dan Koppen 4) Chris Spencer


DE: Apparently Jermaine Cunningham has recently re-signed with the Jets so he is off the market. The defensive end and tackle position, and the D-line as a whole is the most solid area of the Jets’ roster so I don’t see them doing much in free agency. The draft is a different story, they’ve been successful so far so maybe another top round pick or lower one for depth? Possible acquisitions at DE for the Jets include: Jared Allen, Greg Hardy, Justin Tuck, Brett Keisel, Matt Shaughnessy, and Israel Idonije. Jared Allen, Greg Hardy, and Justin Tuck would be pretty expensive but they would add to an already dominant unit. Allen and Hardy in particular would be expensive, Tuck not as much since he peaked a while ago and isn’t nearly as fresh as he used to be. Keisel, Shaughnessy, and Idonije would be solid additions for a cheaper paycheck.


Best fit: 1) Israel Idonije 2) Justin Tuck 3) Jared Allen 4) Brett Keisel 5) Greg Hardy 6) Matt Shaughnessy


Most likely: 1) Justin Tuck 2) Israel Idonije 3) Greg Hardy 4) Matt Shaughnessy 5) Brett Keisel 6) Jared Allen


DT: Leger Douzable is a free agent, and Kenrick Ellis is pretty much a bust. Luckily for the Jets they came across Damon Harrison or “snaks.” The Jets are still contractually obligated to keep Ellis, but they could look for some more explosive talent for depth here. Other possible additions at DT include: BJ Raji, Paul Soliai, Jonathan Babineaux, Ziggy Hood, Ropati Pitoitua (ex-Jet,) Mike Patterson, and Clifton Geathers. Another fun fact here is that Mike Patterson would be an addition to the “Sons of Anarchy” a nickname given to the Jets D-line since the starters' last names all end with “son” (Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Damon Harrison.) I personally really like Douzable as a role player for our D-line; he filled in nicely when one of the starters would go down or needed a breather.


Best fit: 1) Leger Douzable* 2) Ziggy Hood 3) Ropati Pitoitua 4) BJ Raji 5) Paul Soliai 6) Clifton Geathers 7) Mike Patterson 8) Jonathan Babineaux


Most likely: 1) Leger Douzable* 2) Clifton Geathers 3) Mike Patterson 4) Ropati Pitoitua 5) Ziggy Hood 6) Jonathan Babineaux 7) Paul Soliai 8) BJ Raji


OLB: Calvin Pace amassed 10 sacks this year, a career high; he proved a point this year, and that point was that he definitely has something left in the tank. I’d like to see Pace get another 1 or 2 year deal with the Jets. Other possible additions for the Jets if Pace isn’t back, or to bolster the linebacker corps includes: Brian Orakpo, Frank Zombo, Jonathan Casillas, Michael Boley, and Jamaal Westerman (another ex-Jet). Orakpo probably won’t come to the Jets since he’s going to get a pretty fat paycheck wherever he lands. Zombo and Casillas would be good talent for a lesser price. Boley is a supplement player, as is Westerman but Westerman already had a stint with the Jets and probably isn’t as high on their list.


Best fit: 1) Calvin Pace* 2) Jamaal Westerman 3) Frank Zombo 4) Brian Orakpo 5) Michael Boley 6) Jonathan Casillas


Most likely: 1) Michael Boley 2) Frank Zombo 3) Jonathan Casillas 4) Calvin Pace* 5) Jamaal Westerman 6) Brian Orakpo


ILB: I think David Harris has been solid every year, almost always leading the team in tackles. Demario Davis really grew this year, but he could be rotated with another backer. Players that may be on the Jets’ radar include: Karlos Dansby, Brandon Spikes, Jon Beason, London Fletcher, Desmond Bishop, and Jonathan Vilma (ex-Jet.) I’d love to see us get Vilma back, he’d come fairly cheap; although the Jets are trying to get younger making it an unlikely move. Dansby, Spikes, and Fletcher would be expensive but worth it. Bishop and Beason would be cheaper, and solid additions.


Best fit: 1) Jon Beason 2) Jonathan Vilma 3) Karlos Dansby 4) Brandon Spikes 5) Desmond Bishop 6) London Fletcher


Most likely: 1) Desmond Bishop 2) Jon Beason 3) Karlos Dansby 4) Brandon Spikes 5) Jonathan Vilma 6) London Fletcher


CB: This was a pretty rough season for the Jets secondary, and it also happened to be the first season they were officially without Revis even though he only played 3 games in 2012. Milliner came on very strong the last 2 weeks getting 3 INTs in 2 games; it was a good way to end the season but not good enough to earn a #1 spot on the roster. Cromartie somehow managed to squeak into the Pro Bowl this year, but he will either restructure his contract or be cut. The Jets won’t pay him 15mil after the season he had, he is also battling a hip injury that may require surgery. I’m betting the Jets will be in the market for a starting corner back. A list of possible candidates includes: Brent Grimes, Aqib Talib, Vontae Davis, Dominique Rogers-Cromartie (hah,) Sam Shields, Charles Tillman, Captain Munnerlyn, DeAngelo Hall, Tracy Porter, Quentin Jammer, Javier Arenas, and Aaron Berry (who was put on IR by the Jets during this season, and then was released at the end of the season.) Personally, if Cromartie leaves I’d love it if we picked up Captain Munnerlyn. Munnerlyn has wreaked havoc on the Jets and would make a great addition. Quentin Jammer would be cheap and used to play with Cromartie, if we can get Cro back at a cheap price and pick up Jammer that’d be a great combo. That being said, I think any of these CBs would be a good addition. Aaron Berry probably won’t be back with the Jets next year.


Best fit: 1) Captain Munnerlyn 2) Aaron Berry 3) Quentin Jammer 4) Vontae Davis 5) Tracy Porter 6) Javier Arenas 7) Aqib Talib 8) Sam Shields 9) Brent Grimes 10) Dominique Rogers-Cromartie 11) Charles Tillman 12) DeAngelo Hall


Most likely: 1) Quentin Jammer 2) Sam Shields 3) Javier Arenas 4) Tracy Porter 5) DeAngelo Hall 6) Captain Munnerlyn 7) Charles Tillman 8) Vontae Davis 9) Aqib Talib 10) Dominique Rogers-Cromartie 11) Brent Grimes 12) Aaron Berry


S: There were so many doubters for Ed Reed, but I’d say 3 INTs isn’t bad for playing less than half the season. Unfortunately there’s a good chance he won’t be back next year, or will retire. Jarius Byrd headlines the free agent safeties this year, and will come with a large price tag. The other free agent safeties that might interest the Jets are: Jarius Byrd, T.J. Ward, Antoine Bethea, Chris Clemons, Charles Woodson, James Ihedigbo (ex-Jet,) Bernard Pollard, Donte Whitner, Chris Crocker, Yeremiah Bell (ex-Jet,) Michael Huff, Brandon Meriweather, Jim Leonard (ex-Jet,) and Ed Reed. This year’s safety free agent class is sprinkled with ex-Jets as well. I like all of the ex-Jets in this category, but I’d personally like to see James Ihedigbo back or Jim Leonard. Leonard was the signal caller for the Jets defense. Safety is a particularly deep position in free agency this year.


Best fit: 1) Jim Leonard 2) James Ihedigbo 3) Ed Reed* 4) Michael Huff 5) Yeremiah Bell 6) Brandon Meriweather 7) Charles Woodson 8) Jarius Byrd 9) Bernard Pollard 10) Chris Clemons 11) T.J. Ward 12) Antoine Bethea 13) Donte Whitner 14) Chris Crocker


Most likely: 1) Jim Leonard 2) Michael Huff 3) Charles Woodson 4) Jarius Byrd 5) James Ihedigbo 6) Ed Reed* 7) Brandon Meriweather 8) Chris Clemons 9) Bernard Pollard 10) Donte Whitner 11) T.J. Ward 12) Antoine Bethea 13) Yeremiah Bell 14) Chris Crocker


K: Nick Folk or “Folk hero” nailed 33 out of 36 FG attempts this year, hitting all 3 from beyond 50 yards. Folk has been signed to year-to-year deals for his last 4 years with the Jets; this year though, I believe the Jets will sign him to a long term deal after coming off a career high season. It never hurts to bring in some competition though, as they have every year. Free agent kickers include: Stephen Hauschka, Phil Dawson, Adam Vinatieri, Jay Feely (ex-Jet,) David Akers, Dan Carpenter and Billy Cundiff (both were brought in as pre-season competition for Folk,) and Nick Folk. I don’t think anyone the Jets would bring in can beat out Folk for the job, so chances are the Jets will re-sign Folk and stay out of the kicker market.


Best fit: 1) Nick Folk* 2) Jay Feely 3) Phil Dawson 4) Stephen Hauschka 5) Billy Cundiff 6) Dan Carpenter 7) Adam Vinatieri 8) David Akers


Most likely: 1) Nick Folk* 2) Billy Cundiff 3) Jay Feely 4) Dan Carpenter 5) Phil Dawson 6) Adam Vinatieri 7) Stephen Hauschka 8) David Akers


P: The Jets have punter Ryan Quigley under contract, but honestly I haven’t been happy with any of our punters since Steve Weatherford. I don’t think the Jets will change punters, but in the case that they do let’s look at the candidates: Pat McAfee, Donnie Jones, Davis Zastudil, and Zoltan Mesko. Honestly the only one here worth going after is Pat McAfee in my opinion.


Best fit: 1) Pat McAfee 2) Zoltan Mesko 3) Donnie Jones 4) Davis Zastudil


Most likely: 1) Pat McAfee 2) Zoltan Mesko 3) Davis Zastudil 4) Donnie Jones


Summary: Just to clarify again, most likely the Jets will only sign a few of these big name players and a handful of the lesser ones; then fill the rest of the roster with the draft. This is mainly an addition to my 2014 7 round mock draft for the Jets. I wrote this so everyone can assess what the Jets will be looking for in the draft and who may be on their radar. Please read my 2014 7 round mock draft with descriptions for each pick. I’d really appreciate any feedback whether it’s comments, opinions, or a mock of your own. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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I can't believe with all those words you guys are mentioning Pascoe.  I see no real value there.  Don't mind him, but I haven't seen any reason to like him. The guy is a near useless as a reciever - he is more Matthew Mulligan than Rob Gronkowski.


The OP mentions a bunch of ex-Jets as potential returns.  I see very little reason, but two of them are listed at positions they didn't play here. Pitoitua was a DE here, not a DT.  He is a bit tall for the nose. but I guess you could call him a DT/DE like they do with WIlkerson and Sheldn.  Westerman played all over, but IIRC he was primarily used at ILB.  They tried him as a pass rush specialist, but other than his motor he had little to offer there.  He seems to duplicate McIntyre to me. 


I can't see any reason to rotate Demario Davis.  If anything he is the guy that should not come off the field IMO

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I can't believe with all those words you guys are mentioning Pascoe.  I see no real value there.  Don't mind him, but I haven't seen any reason to like him. The guy is a near useless as a reciever - he is more Matthew Mulligan than Rob Gronkowski.


The OP mentions a bunch of ex-Jets as potential returns.  I see very little reason, but two of them are listed at positions they didn't play here. Pitoitua was a DE here, not a DT.  He is a bit tall for the nose. but I guess you could call him a DT/DE like they do with WIlkerson and Sheldn.  Westerman played all over, but IIRC he was primarily used at ILB.  They tried him as a pass rush specialist, but other than his motor he had little to offer there.  He seems to duplicate McIntyre to me. 


I can't see any reason to rotate Demario Davis.  If anything he is the guy that should not come off the field IMO




I never said I think Pascoe would be a big addition or game breaker. He could be a solid #2 or 3 though. Never compared him to Gronkowski, that's not even fair. He would be a good blocking TE for run plays though. Honestly most of potentially returning Jets wouldn't be great, I just listed all possibilities. With that being said though, I think there are a few that'd be a good addition i.e. James Ihedigbo, Dustin Keller, Jerricho Cotchery. As for Pitoitua and Westerman I have them listed as their current position in the NFL for their most recent teams, not for the Jets. 







You don't see any of the 15 or so potential returning Jets interesting or a good addition even in a 2nd or 3rd string role? Again, I think Pascoe would be a solid package TE mainly for run plays where he can set a block, that's where he'd make the most impact.



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"Smith is a more controlled version of (2012 Heisman Trophy Winner) Johnny Manziel. So I'd much rather have Smith than Manziel and I can get Smith in the 2nd-3rd round while if you want Manziel, you need to take him top-15 because someone will take him that high. Smith is the first underclassman QB to declare so time will tell where he falls in the QB pecking order, but he'll be behind Teddy Bridgewater and a few others." -Dane Brugler (CBS and NFLDraftScout.com analyst)


Just thought I'd throw that little tid bit in there to help justify my 2nd rounder... When Smith gets to the NFL he will be big time, believe me. If you want to check out the whole article for your self here's the link:



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I'm assuming we will pick up 1 if not 2 top tier WRs in FA since it's our biggest need, which is why I have us taking Ebron. TE is very suspect too, so we need to pick up someone and I'm going with the draft... a good downfield TE can be a QBs best friend. I think Brett Smith would outplay Geno Smith... and with two Smiths I think that'd make it an even more interesting battle.

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