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Fire Bradway now b4 it's too late


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read this

Marty and the Jets? A.J. won't sayposted: Saturday, January 7, 2006

ESPN's Chris Mortensen made the thought off the top of his head Friday that Jets general manager Terry Bradway might have thoughts of considering his close friend, Marty Schottenheimer, for the soon-to-be vacant Jets head coaching job, and it did draw a response in San Diego.

"We don't discuss our football business," Chargers GM A.J. Smith said when asked directly about thoughts of the Jets coming after Schottenheimer. Pressed further, Smith reiterated that, "We don't discuss our football business."

Owner Dean Spanos made it clear after the regular season that Schottenheimer is the Chargers coach next season. But would the Chargers consider letting Schottenheimer go to the Jets?

"We don't discuss our football business," Smith said.

Watch us lose a #1 pick on this loser. Fire this a-hole b4 he does futher damage to this franchise

We all know we are going to get screwed by "poker face' in this transaction

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I think we should hire Mike Sherman, get him to bring Favre along for a last hurrah. Send a pick and J-Mac over to Philly for TO. Give Saban a call and see what he wants for Ricky. :mrgreen:

Super Bowl!

Speaking about Saban, there's talk down here in South Florida that Saban may make a play for Favre.

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