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Browns offer both 1st Round picks to Tennessee for #2

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draft chart doesn't count for top 5 picks. redskins had to use three #1's and two 2's to move up 6 spots

Draft chart doesn't count if a team is moving up for a supposedly tremendous QB prospect and stuck in a bidding war. But trades stay close to it more often than not, so it's a good guide to use if you're just guessing what a team would have to give up in a trade.

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Aaron Rodgers is 6'2 and played in a  funky college offense and is by far the best QB in football

I think I'd build my own billboard to fire Mac if he did that.  Mo and a #6 for a QB project who is far from a certain thing?  That's tantamount to rape.  Way too much.  Heck... Cleveland giving up 12

its going to be hilarious watching Winston sh*t the bed in Tampa ... Int Machine in the making

I dont find it interesting. I find it smart and logical. Mariota is a much better prospect than Winston. Picking an immature, entitled punk at #1 to be a franchise QB is an egregious error. That is a fact.


The immaturity is an issue, but otherwise Winston played in a pro style offense in college, allegedly has a very high football IQ, and is a natural, charismatic leader. Mariota played in a pop-gun offense, is shy and reserved and maybe not cut out to be a leader of men. He himself has said that one of the things he'll have to learn in the pros is how to run a huddle. A huddle! The kid has a massive learning curve on the next level. 


Both QB's have issues, and neither is head and shoulders above the other , IMHO. 

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This draft chart thing annoys me. IT IS A GUIDE! A pick is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It is subjective and varies in the eye of the beholder. What Washington gave up for the RG3 pick is only partially relevant. Tennessee wont get that kind of value and they know it. If they want to trade down, they can either take the best offer or stay where they are. Demanding the chart value is not reality.

It's a guide, but it's a good one because NFL teams typically use it. In the case of Tennessee, to think they could get draft chart value from Philly if the Eagles are desperate to draft Mariota. I'd guess the Titans aren't desperate to trade out and will just stand pat and make a pick if they aren't offered enough. Dropping from #2 to #12 or #19 in this draft is a big deal and they should want a lot in return for that.

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