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Doctoring Balls...

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So pitcher Will Smith of the Brewers gets an 8 game suspension for doctoring baseballs but NE fans are up in arms because Brady doctored the footballs and got to play in the AFC championship game and SB?

I believe Wil Smith was ejected immediately in that game as was pine tar neck Pineda. There is really no difference here. Both were altering the device used by both teams to play the game. And it's not about o everyone does it. The fact remains that said person got caught in an AFC championship game. And he's supposedly the greatest qb of all time.


And the whole no definitive proof thing.

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And the whole no definitive proof thing.



In sum, with respect to all of our conclusions regarding the Patriots, McNally,

Jastremski and Brady, we believe that the totality of the evidence, including the text

communications, McNally‟s breach of pre-game procedure, McNally‟s disappearance into a

locked bathroom with the game balls for a period of time sufficient to deflate the Patriots game

balls using a needle, the post-game communications between Jastremski and McNally, the

increase in the frequency of text and telephone communications between Jastremski and Brady

post-game, the halftime data showing a larger reduction in air pressure in the Patriots balls as

compared to the Colts game balls, which our scientific consultants inform us is statistically

significant, together with other facts developed during the investigation and set forth in this

Report support our conclusions.



it's the only logical explanation for these results


Patriots Ball

1 11.50

2 10.85

3 11.15

4 10.70

5 11.10

6 11.60

7 11.85

8 11.10

9 10.95

10 10.50

11 10.90



the colts balls were all within a few tenths of a pound psi.  the pats**** balls were obviously done in a bathroom with a needle. 


accept it

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At this point you do not even have to convince all of us that you are a loser. Just yourself.

It's amazing, you've made a complete ass out of yourself and just can't seem to find a way to STFU. What a stupid little man

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