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Boomer Esiason rips...guess who...


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I've never heard anything from him but empty platitudes, bland superlatives, "he's great!" like Tony the Tiger about everybody..until this-


Angry Boomer rips Herm as 'sound bite, not serious'

Jan 12, 2006

If Boomer Esiason had been in charge of the Jets when word leaked out in November that Herman Edwards might be headed to Kansas City, the former Jets quarterback knows what he would have done.

"If it were me, I'd have gone up to Herm the first day that the Kansas City rumor floated and asked him if there was any truth to it," Esiason told Newsday yesterday. "If he said, 'No, there's no truth to it,' then I would have held him to his contract."

And if there was something to the whispers?

"If I found out there was, then I would have fired him half an hour after his last game," Esiason said. "Herm's not Vince Lombardi now."

For Esiason, Edwards' departure was the latest blow to the team he grew up rooting for and played for from 1993-95. He's sick and tired of coaches leaving the Jets voluntarily. But as far as Edwards' exit is concerned, good riddance.

"All I worry about is where the Jets are as an organization," said Esiason, a CBS-TV analyst who also has a show on MSG Network. "[The next coach] better be tough, because this team is perceived to be one of the softest in the NFL."

Edwards did not respond to requests for comment on Esiason's remarks.(being a sissy and coward).

Esiason would love to see Terry Bradway hire Eric Mangini. Forget that he is only 34 and has been the Patriots' defensive coordinator for only a year.

"He's a football junkie, which is really what the Jets are looking for," Esiason said of Mangini, who is thought to be at or near the top of the Jets' wish list. "They don't want a sound bite. They want someone who's really serious about football."

Edwards not serious about football? I don't buy that one. I think he was deeply troubled about the mess his team had become after injuries to Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler essentially ended its season in Week 3. But I also think Edwards realized if he was going to make a move, now was the time. Another 4-12 season in 2006, and he almost certainly would have been fired.

As it was, the Jets seriously considered firing Edwards after this season. If the Chiefs hadn't come along, I think they would have pulled the plug. Instead, he bolted, pocketing $12 million on a four-year deal, and the Jets got a fourth-round pick in return.

"What bothers me the most is that the Jets have now been fired by four coaches, as opposed to firing coaches," Esiason said, alluding to Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and Al Groh. "It almost makes them look as if they're the laughingstock of the league, and that makes the job search for a quality candidate that much more difficult."

Esiason thinks Mangini would make a terrific coach, but he isn't sure he'd take the job if offered. Bradway is scheduled to interview him Sunday.

"At the end of the day, I think it's a good opportunity, but I would think he's going to really think hard about whether this is the place he'll begin his head-coaching career," Esiason said. "I think he'll listen to Bill Belichick, who is his mentor and will talk to him honestly. He'll ask, 'Do you think I'm ready? Is this a good spot? Can I have success?' I think he'll want to see if Belichick advises that there will be other opportunities that might be better for him."

What then?

"If he's not available - and this is going to sound idiotic - then I think you're going to need someone who's thick-skinned and doesn't have kids in school," Esiason said. "Kids in school in New York is a big negative. They're exposed to too much criticism."

If Bradway strikes out on Mangini, Esiason suggests he consider Mike Sherman, Jim Fassel or Mike Tice, who have been through the mill and can handle New York.

Don't know if Tice would fly after his ill-fated stint in Minnesota, but Sherman and Fassel are solid fallbacks. Jim Haslett? Nope. Too thin-skinned.

"Bradway doesn't have a lot of street credibility now, so he has to make sure that everyone knows the way they do business is not the way they used to do business," Esiason said. "I think Bradway will be better for this. He was a novice general manager trying to be respectful to his coach. He knows now that the GM is the boss of the coach. That's why he's being so strong right now, which is good."

As for how Edwards will do in Kansas City, Esiason threw out one last shot. "Does he have good coordinators?" he said. (Edwards has not called plays as an NFL coach.) "How many did he go through here?"


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I don't know what you're talking about. Boomer Esiason is hands down the best former pro NFL announcer/commentator around. He is EXTREMELY insightful and also objective. I don't know where you here this "superlative" nonsense. I've heard Boomer get on plenty of people

Simms is the ASSMUNCH i think you should be referring to.

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Boomer is too announcing what Kraft is to owners,,

both approach the job as ex-fans,,

Boomer bleeds Jet green as a fan and Kraft was sitting in stands for years ,,

it shows and I think thats a good thing,,you actually get real info instead of BS spin,,

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Who is writing these articles?

"Edwards not serious about football? I don't buy that one."


I am so tired of these a$$hole idiot writers who try to sneak in their opinion at every chance.

seriously like what the hell is going on? EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE on ESPN.COM is an opinion piece from some fuking douchebag who doesnt even know anything about the subject and has "personal feelings". If I have to read "in my opinion", or as "as far as I'm concerned" in another stupid fuking ESPN piece i'm gonna shoot those guys. what happened to good old subjective writing.

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