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Kellerman picks Bell, not Brady, as best player in the AFCE

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The Patriots will still win the division, but father time is undefeated.  Brady's numbers have been declining, albeit slightly, over the last couple seasons.  Between 2017 and 2018, his completion % and YPA declined and his INT % increased.  And now he lost Gronk and Josh Gordon, and Edelman is banged up, leaving Phillip Dorsett, rookie N'Keal Harry and either Dontrelle Inman or an ancient Demaryius Thomas as his top healthy weapons at the moment. 

He's still very good, but he's no longer playing at an elite level as a QB.  They've been beefing up the running game to compensate in recent years. 

If Le'Veon plays at 2017 levels despite the year off, then sure, he's the best player in the division. 

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9 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

A hot take artist like Kellerman getting one of his hottest takes posted by our own hot take guru @JiF is like watching someone throw an erupting volcano into a giant microwave that’s how hot it is

Then strapping it too Jamaal Adam’s back and launching it into the sun 

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