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Broncos possibly intertested in Ricky Williams


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Broncos targeting Ricky?


The Denver Broncos have had at least two internal discussions about acquiring Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, but the teams have not talked about a deal.

The Denver Post, citing two NFL sources, reported this week that coach Mike Shanahan might consider trading for Williams but likely only if the team does not trade for receiver Terrell Owens.

The Broncos have a desire to add playmakers at receiver and running back and this week hosted a meeting that included Owens, his South Florida agent, Drew Rosenhaus and Shanahan.

The Broncos' preliminary interest in Williams stems from a desire to upgrade a position manned by Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell. Both had good seasons in 2005 -- Anderson gaining 1,014 yards and Bell 921 -- but neither possesses the combination of size and speed that Williams has and Denver wants.

Dolphins coach Nick Saban on Wednesday declined to comment on a possible deal with the Broncos, but a source said no talks between the teams have taken place. Moreover, the Broncos have not talked to Williams' agent, Leigh Steinberg, according to another source.

That Williams is available is without doubt, however.

During his final regular-season news conference, Saban said every player on the Dolphins roster is available for the right price. When pressed about Williams specifically, he said the best interest of the franchise would force him to listen to any offer.

Williams, meanwhile, seemed to warm to the notion of playing elsewhere during the season. Early on he seemed uncomfortable with such talk but toward the end of the season said he would accept a trade if it happened, especially to a California team.

No NFL trades can be made until the league year begins in March, although teams routinely hold informal talks about players well in advance of that.


A week after coming up just short of cleaning out his office, Dolphins defensive coordinator Richard Smith left the team to take the same job with the Houston Texans.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Smith will take that post under new coach Gary Kubiak. Smith had been talking with the Texans for more than week after the Dolphins hired ex-Texans coach Dom Capers to be a special assistant to coach Nick Saban, who declined to comment on the report about Smith leaving.

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Maybe they want Ricky to keep T.O. in line, should they sign both.

I can see it now....five weeks into the season, and T.O. will want to redo his contract. Ricky chimes in, "Hey T.O., smoke some of dis mon"...Then T.O. is quiet the rest of the season....but then his only complaint is that he has the munchies all the time.....hmmmmm

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Ricky Williams will rush for 3,400 yards in the offense.

You heard it here first.

No doubt about it. Ricky would be fantastic behind that Denver line as long as he stays out of the mountains. No mountains down here in S FL so he's managed to stay out of trouble. Something about the mountains...:Banane43:

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I do not see why the Broncos would shell out big bucks to any running back. They can plug anyone back there are get 1,500 yards. IMO, they should just stick to Tatum Bell. He could be really special in that system with his speed.

i don't think ricky costs big bucks anymore after his disappearing act 2 years ago. his 'retirement' cost him just about all leverage he ever had. he played last year to avoid paying his SB back to the dolphins.

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