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The Defensive Line rotation and snap counts

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I was slightly surprised to see who led the Jets in playing time from the DLine rotation.  It wasn't Leo or Quinnen, not even McClendon.  It was Kyle Phillips, even if just barely, with 65% of the snaps on Defense.

The Jets have settled into what seems to be their preferred rotation on the Line.  With no Henry Anderson, those 4 guys (Leo, Quinnen, McClendon, Phillips) are each getting on the field for at least 50% of the snaps.  Foley Fatukasi is getting meaningful reps as well.


Week 7


Compare this to Week 6 and it's not a whole lot different although we saw more of Quinnen and less of McClendon (I know McClendon got banged up a little vs. Dallas).


Week 6



The Jets seem 100% prepared to move on from Leo Williams, especially once Henry Anderson returns.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets accept less value than we'd expect given that they're very comfortable with McClendon, Anderson, Quinnen, Phillips and Fatukasi.

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