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I have advice for Joe Douglas. Joe, please read this!


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1 hour ago, Alka said:

First of all, I want to thank Joe Douglas for reading my thread last year and drafting the left tackle we needed in the first round, and then getting the wide receiver we needed in the second round.

Now, I have more advice for you Joe, and I need you to please pay attention!!

If we don't get the 1st pick in the draft, I implore you to draft Sewell with the 2nd pick, and continue to solidify the offensive line.  I know that your other acquisitions on the offensive line did not work out the way we would have liked, but Sewell is a future "HOF" offensive lineman, and you don't pass over on these.  Now that you messed up on the other part of the line, you get Sewell, and then fortify the line with another pick up of Thuney in free agency.  

Not only will you be able to succeed with Darnold, you will be able to succeed with any pro QB when you can protect him like you will with a competent offensive line.

With the second 1st round pick in round one, I need you to get another wide receiver.

Thank you again for paying attention to me.  It will work out for our Jets, I promise!


Following your advice led to 1-13.

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